Exeter "Sees Off" Bath in World’s First Varsity BPONG Match

Will Jones reports on the only Exeter society with the motto "get your balls wet".

beer pong Exeter varsity


A match for the ages between Exeter Pong Society and Bath Beer Pong Society took place last Friday.
Ever since the games inception in the 1950s at Dartmouth College in America, there had never been a university varsity match, until now.
The match took place in Beau Nash, Bath, a grand setting for the special occasion. Exeter was faced with 60 Bath students crowded around the table, chanting, wanting nothing less than a Bath victory.
The games began with Exeter’s 4s, Tom Godfrey and Jake Jenkins in a tough struggle against Bath's 4s. Bath were getting the better of our 4s, the nerves showed in Godfrey’s early struggles to hit the cups.
The hosts hit the last cup and the crowd roared, leaving Exeter with Redemption and one ball each to hit both cups. Jake went first and missed, up stepped Godfrey, making up for his misses by getting not one, but both of the cups to put the match into 3 cup pong, silencing one half of the crowd whilst sending the Exeter supporters into ecstasy.
However, they were not finished yet: on Exeter’s next possession Godfrey and Jake hit the same cup ending the game, in a nailbiter that gave Exeter a 1-0 lead in the series.
Up next, Mike Couldridge and Chris “Willy” Williams for the 3s playing against Bath President Kieran Chandler and his partner, two men focused on victory.
This game was an easier bout; with Exeter playing exceptionally well. The game ended 10-6, leaving Bath a little bewildered, not quite knowing what they had gotten themselves into.
Likewise, Exeter Society President, Will Jones and his partner Pham Chittasenee for the 2s were up against tough competition. With both Exeter players hitting 50 percent of their shots, the game ended 10-7 in an effort most players can only dream of, maintaining Exeter's unbeaten record thus far.
Finally, Exeter 1s Charlie Fortune and Ollie Borch stepped up for a chance to get the sweep. They again put in an excellent performance for Exeter Pong Society by trouncing their opponents. The weekly practices had surely paid off, as the series finished 4-0 to Exeter.
The hosts were gracious in defeat with Bath President Kieran Chandler declaring it “a fantastic event that was more closely contested than the score line suggested.”
Exeter hosts Swansea and Bath in a Tournament on March 9th at Walkabout:any members can compete and it is just £3.50 to join. The Society meet between 7pm and 11pm on Tuesdays at Walkabout.