Sanya Burgess covers Occupy Exeter’s movements since their eviction and interviews a member of their group.

Eviction interview Occupy Exeter

After four months of protesting, the group of protestors on the Cathedral Green have finally been evicted earlier this month.

An evicted order was served on Monday 6th February.

The numbers of tents had dropped significantly after the expulsion of the homeless participants and several members squatting in the warm buildings opposite the Cathedral.

The squatters were also evicted as they were technically still on Cathedral ground.

Whilst the campaigners were pitched in front of the Cathedral there were several reports of anti-social behaviour and their presence has damaged the historic Green.

A local Big Issue seller said that he saw syringes on their site and believes that “all they’ve done is ruin the Green”.

There was a clear divide within the camp and the less dedicated members were encouraged to leave in December. The camp environment then improved.

Currently, the Occupy protestors are discussing a new location while still campaigning. The Homeless group have moved to the Medieval Bridge.

One representative from the Homeless site, who has been homeless for four years, said their involvement was not because it was Occupy Exeter but because they had similar outlooks on the distribution of wealth. However now there is “no friendship” between the two groups and “after a week they were against us”.

Occupy Exeter has received bad press and now they have been given a chance to talk for themselves. Carlus Hudson, 18, student at Exeter University and Occupy Exeter activist speaks on their behalf, and you can read my interview with her here: