Lacking motivation to get in the gym? You’re not alone.

Get back in the routine with these tips

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The New Year has been and gone, and if you’re anything like me the resolution you made to hit the gym as regularly as possible has begun to flounder. Weights have been replaced with an empty domino’s pizza box, and the most exercise you get is running around Arena looking for your mates. However The Drop has been on campus this week putting together a few tips that should get us all back on track.

1. Try and motivate yourself to think about the longer term. Whilst we’re all hidden up behind coats and scarves during this time of year, the summer months are looming. When it’s time to jet off on holiday with your mates or even if you’re just off for a quite one with your other half, you’ll want to feel good about yourself. If you can’t think that far ahead just think how good you’ll feel when Baywatch comes on at the Lemmy!

2. It’s not realistic to just shut junk food and alcohol out of your life. Nobody wants to stay in all week, or eat rabbit food for breakfast, dinner and tea. We’ve also all been there when peer pressure gets the better of us and we venture out when we really shouldn’t. But why don’t we use a night out or a domino’s as a reward? You’ll have earned the right to eat those extra calories and will feel much better about yourself for hitting the gym.

3. If you find motivation a problem, find a friend to go with you! Going with someone really helps. It’s often the walk to the gym that puts most people off, but ironically once your there most of the hard work has already been done! Plus if you’re there with a mate you’ll be more inclined to push out those last few reps…friendly competition is healthy.

4. Update your Ipod! There’s nothing better than having a few new songs blaring out of your headphones…it almost makes the treadmill seem inviting. For many people music is a real determining factor on your mood, so get some Rocky esque tunes downloaded and away you go!

5. Shake up your routine! Try and make the gym as exciting as possible…don’t just use the cross trainer and likewise don’t stick to the weights. A bit of everything will make it less tedious, whilst also being the most effective for your body!