Police Chase in Exeter

It’s not everyday a student abandons a BART deadline for a police chase.

burglar Exeter police student

Exeter played host to its very own police chase on Thursday 16th February, with student Damian Jeffries assisting the pursuit.

“I happened to be mounting my motorbike to hand in an essay when I saw a tired policeman jogging down the road, apparently after a man who had just passed me by.

The man had previously been seen loitering around Oxford road, and who we suspect may have broken into a few houses in the area.”

The man, quite small in stature, had been seen waiting outside houses in the early hours of the morning.

After realising that a policeman had discovered him, the burglar immediately started running. Student Damian instantly sought to help by riding after him, overtaking the police officer.

The chase was brief, with the burglar dashing up St. James’ road. Recognising that he had been cut off, the man instantly changed direction and began to run back.

He was quickly stopped by another police officer who tackled him to the ground, before finally arresting him


“I stopped briefly to ask whether they needed any more help, but thankfully all was well. I had a BART deadline!”