Joe Batters?

Batten claims overwhelming majority in Drop Poll.

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With just two candidates in this year's AU presidential election, we were given a very straight-forward choice: Brett or Joe? Blonde or brunette? Rugby or lacrosse?

The answer from Drop readers was emphatic, with an incredible 75% of you backing lacrosse captain Batten.

Support for Batten has even permeated the Drop team, with Culture editor Mark Gibbs declaring that "it's no surprise to see him coming out top of the polls; it's been a great campaign starting with the massively successful flash-mob, winning it for many from day one."

Gibbs concluded his endorsement by stating that Batten is "a genuine guy who will do anything and everything to get the most out of our AU."

Similarly, Drop chief executive Jack Saxton stated that he was not surprised by the poll, as "Joe is enthusiastic, dedicated and one of the nicest people I've ever met."

Many of Exeter's sportspeople, however, made a different analysis of the result. University of Exeter American Football treasurer Michael Goodacre said "I think the majority of Drop readers are wrong. I think Brett has a better manifesto and better policies, especially trying to get more people involved in sport. I'm backing him, but perhaps others aren't because they feel he's gone about his campaign in the wrong way. Let's be honest, high fives are a terrible, terrible concept as a vote winner. "

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