The Drop Meets…Archie ‘Archangel’ Burbidge: VP Participation and Campuses

On the penultimate day of SABB elections, The Drop meets VP Participation and Campuses candidate Archie Burbidge.

Archie Burbidge

With only one day left to vote in the SABBS elections, The Drop managed to catch one of this year’s candidates to get a bit more information behind the manifesto and big smile. Coming straight out of a Brisol vs Exeter netball match, Archie lets The Drop in on her campaign, thoughts on the end results of the elections and a few Timepiece tales…

First of all, why did you decide to run for VP Participation and Campuses?
Throughout my time at Exeter I’ve participated in so many wonderful things and since getting to know the current SABBS extremely well, I can see that I would be well suited to the role. I’m passionate, enthusiastic and have a wealth of experience in dealing with societies, events management and student relations.

So what societies are you part of at university?
As a drama student I am part of many theatrical societies, both performing and in the background. As you can see, I am also part of the netball club and I understand that sport is an intrinsic part of university. I like to get a bit physical.

Of course and how do you actually hope to increase participation and get the numbers up within societies?
It depends on which sector really. My manifesto focuses a lot on St. Lukes campus which is a huge part of the VP Participation role alongside working with international students and increasing international student participation. A good example of this is Diversity Week that is coming up in a few weeks, I’m happy to help organise this big event and also I am a judge on the talent show, should be good fun!

From the news and general consensus of Exeter, do you think that the university actually has a problem with diversity?
I don’t think it is a problem. I feel like we’ve got a foot in the door and there are more and more fantastic events every year to move us away from that image. I’ve already mentioned Diversity Week which is set to be a huge event on campus and having worked in organising the event, I can see the amount of time, preparation and media coverage will make it a huge success. Radio 1 are covering the entire day and Zane Lowe is holding a one hour special which is fantastic. I would say we have a foot in the door and of course the changes will not happen over night. If I was to be elected I hope to increase these type of events and also international student participation.

Moving on to some other positions in the elections, who are you backing for Guild President?
Having read the manifestos and being a Mobely girl, I have to say I am backing Damien Jefferies. He’s like marmite, you either love him or hate him, during my first year he secured us £32,000 after weekly meetings and he’s a man that gets things done. Also he looks great in a mankini!

Very true and not many people can pull off that look, but what about AU President; any thoughts on that one?
Well I wouldn’t like to say, originally I was a Joe Batten supporter but after reading through both their manifestos and having got to know Brett, I couldn’t say. It’s a close call. Both of them are great guys and both are pushing for well thought out points, good luck to both of them.

A few more personal questions now, a bit of light heartedness amongst the tense voting week, what has been your most embarrassing moment at university so far?
It would have to be something with the word Timepiece in it being a netball girl, pretty much every TP night is an embarrassing night for me. Probably the worst was waking up with sick on my face, it was not a great moment.

Pretty standard from Timepiece we’d have to say, linking to that theme, what is your favourite uni drinking game?
There are so many, probably Yee Hah and Oh Exeter, I like a good shout!

And in Exeter, what is your favourite night out? Is it the infamous TP?
Yeah Wednesday Timepiece of course, even though I do tend to go home early with a burger in hand! But Arena is my spiritual home despite the fact it really smells!

20 Seconds With Archie Burbidge…

Monday Arena or Monday Mosaic?
Monday Arena

Rugby boys or hockey boys?
Rugby boys every time!

The Vic or The Impy?

Snowsports or ski club?
Snowsports all the way!

Guys in fancy dress or guys in ones?

Holland Hall or Lafrowda?
Ummm either!

St Lukes or Streatham?
Love St Lukes boys but love Streatham girls too!

New style Ram or Old style Ram?
New Ram

SSB: Must do or must avoid?
Must do!

Finally, Exeter Drop or Exposé?
Exeter Drop!!