Go Green Fashion Show

A fashion show for the eco-friendly!

fashion show go green rubbish

The Go Green Fashion Show was organised by the Be the Change Society as a part of Go Green Week (6-12th Feb) which aims to reduce waste on campus.

It showcased a variety of ethical clothing lines including some of those stocked in TOPSHOP, for example BIBICO (http://www.bibico.co.uk) and ANNIE GREENABELLE (http://anniegreenabelle.com) as well as smaller brands which are against mass production and aim to make each item unique.

At times some of the outfits failed to inspire, as they were pretty simple but achieved their purpose as clothes at least.

ROSES ARE RUBISH was a make that particularly stood out as unique as they even use old tents to make shorts!

Seatbelt straps also featured in an number of outfits. It was amusing and innovative on the catwalk; however, it would be a surprise to see many Exeter students sporting sandals made of a combination of flooring scraps, bicycle tubes and a seatbelt.

The creativity could not be faulted and the models did their best to promote the outfits and the message behind them; however, perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing of collections.