The Drop Meets…VP Participation and Campuses candidate Mike Evans

Editor Antonia Hawken grabs a few words with Mike Evans, running to be your VP for Participation and Campuses.

2012 candidate Election Exeter

The first thing that struck me about Mike's campaign is his impressive candidate video.

A slick, quick and enticing roll of images and text to grab your attention in the current Facebook Timeline style. His slogan 'Like Mike' taps into the student mentality of online media as the only way to go by showing your appreciation by clicking "like" – very clever.

A quick fact about the man – he dedicated 2000 (voluntary) hours of work last year. Clearly this is a candidate not afraid to push through the day, and most probably night, to get the job done.

He's pushing for:

Improved communication.

Better utilisation of the Guild website.

Greater recognition for those of you who volunteer.

An increased focus on St Lukes.

More bookable space.


Voting closes 4pm Friday.

To vote go to