Before, During and After – Those Quotes We Wish We Could Forget

You said what?!

quotes Sex

It’s happened to the best of us.


I’m not questioning your morals, but some of you seem a little more than verbally loose.


Something to be proud of? I’m not so sure. 


Here’s my pick of your best:

1. ‘Touch my bum as if it’s a girl’s bum’

2. ‘I don’t know what the correct decorum is for this, but I definitely don’t pay you’

3. ‘This feels really good’
    ‘It’s not in’

4. ‘If only my old man was alive to see this’

5. ‘Do you remember who I am?’

6. ‘I didn’t want to do this. I wanted to go on a date first’

7. ‘Shall we have a baby and raise it the four of us?’

8. ‘You’re well kept’

9. ‘Am I alive?’
    ‘I hope not’


10. ‘Can you collect it in your hand?’ (Clearly the answer to that one was always going to be no…)