Lust Haves for Valentines

An investigation into this year’s essential V Day items.

fashion sexy stockings underwear Valentine's

The SSB should definitely not be the Exeter student’s only excuse to nip down to Ann Summers to spice up their underwear drawer. With the 14th creeping ever closer we now have the perfect excuse.

Even if It may only be your housemates you get to show it off to, we’ve all heard how what your wearing underneath your clothes has a dramatic effect on your confidence, attitude and of course your cleavage. 


Matching underwear should be worn whenever possible, if you don’t believe this is essential then get in front of the mirror now and compare the black set to a colourful mismatch e.g. a red and blue combo, need more be said?!

If you’re struggling in the chest area the Ann Summers ‘instant boob job plunge bra’ may be the one for you. If you are planning on showing off a new underwear set to a boyfriend/lover/fwb (friend with benefits) or even a stranger you may need to consider that less is often more in the padding department – you don’t want to cause an anticlimax when you take it off now do you?

Knickers, when choosing between the thong and the briefs think critically. If you’d consider your behind to be an ASSet chose the smaller option however if there is any hint of imperfection go for the latter.

Tights are terribly unsexy, and simply won’t achieve that seductive look you are going for. Swap them for stockings, at least for the date but preferably forever.

Once you’ve got the underwear sorted you just need to find that appropriate outfit leaving enough to the imagination so that lucky valentine receives the full impact of what you’ve got on underneath.