The Drop Meets…Brett Richmond: AU Candidate

Brett Richmond talks to Sports Editor Oli Rossiter about the AU, getting naked at the BOP and the surprise he has up his sleeve.

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With the sabbatical elections up and running for a whole 36 hours we thought it was only fair to give you a little bit more information on the candidates vying for your votes!
Despite his busy schedule, I met AU candidate Brett Richmond and questioned him about how he was going to change sport at Exeter. Sifting through the long, rather boring manifesto’s online wasn’t ideal, and so Brett got down to the bare bones of his campaign. And of course he let me in on a few things that couldn’t really be published on the Guild website!
Hi Brett, if you could sum up your campaign in three words, what would they be?
Hmmm, I’d say fun, passionate and enjoyable: we’re trying to keep these three crucial to the campaign.
So what exactly are you going to do if you became AU president? Can you be specific for us?
Firstly, I’m going to branch out to the smaller clubs and provide funding for them: in particular sports like women’s football or volleyball: teams that are really successful but just don’t get the funding. I’m going to ensure these better facilities at the Sports Park: in particular, better gym equipment. Having 17,000 students sharing that space is ridiculous and it’s got to be changed. One thing I’m adamant about is reducing the price to join the gym! £220 is too much, I’m going to try and reduce it to below the 200 mark.
With just one other candidate for AU president this year does it make you particularly nervous?
You’d think so wouldn’t you! But I think it actually settles me. With just me and Joe vying for one place, it makes it all the more interesting!
What’s your relationship like with the other candidate Joe Batten? Any banter between the two of you?
Well we do similar courses and so get on quite well! I had a word with him yesterday and we’re both pretty calm. All our supporters are heading to the Lemmy tonight, I’m just hoping they all get on and there’s no trouble!
Why should we vote for you?
I decided I wanted to become AU president at the end of my second year. It’s something I am really passionate about! I’ve already approached all the club captains and asked them what they want: I’m serious about this role and keen to make a difference!
What should we expect from your team over the next few days?
Well we’re going to be all across campus spreading the word! Each candidate is only allowed a £35 budget to spend, so we’ve gone to the NHS and got hundreds of free condoms to hand out!
With this AU campaign set to be a close run thing do you have anything special up your sleeve?
Funny you should say that…we've got something huge being released on Monday! I think it’ll be a massive hit across campus! Keep checking Facebook and Youtube for more details!
Sounds interesting! On a side note from the AU campaign we want to know a bit more about you…what’s your most embarrassing moment in Exeter?
Haha, well, I go to the BOP most Saturdays and basically end up getting naked every time. Not really sure why but it happens without fail.
Sounds like alcohol has a big part to play in that…what’s your bolt like?
Well I’m not a very big drinker, I was sober during my entire fresh year! But it’s something I’m working on…my record is about 5 seconds!
Where’s the worst place you’ve chundered?
This is just as embarrassing as the last few answers! I’d been to rugby pre-season and we hadn’t touched a drink for 4 weeks. A few of the lads went to the pub for a couple of beers and after my second one I felt so ill I reached for the nearest thing in sight. Unfortunately it wasn’t a bucket but a padded envelope…not sure they will have been happy to receive that!
Anything else you want to confess to us?
Well, my favourite pastime is watching Question Time on a Thursday evening…! My housemates get really annoyed with me but I can’t get enough! Needless to say I don’t make many Arena Thursdays!
I can’t imagine why! Just before we go any last words on that all important AU campaign?
Well I’d just like to say that I’m here for the students, willing to listen to what they want to see changed! I’m not in it for personal gain or status, I really am simply passionate about the role!
You can vote for Brett here: