Occupy Exeter Protestors upgrade Tents for Offices

Exeter’s local protestors have begun squatting in an empty office space by the Cathedral.

Occupy Exeter Protestors Squatters

Exeter’s Occupy protestors have begun squatting in an empty office space by the Cathedral. 


18 Cathedral Yard, a former solicitors office, had been empty for 5 years until the arrival of the campaigners. The police and Landlord are aware of the uninvited guests and are preparing to take action.


The City Centre Manager, John Harvey, believes that "legitimate protests are of course important, but I don't think any of us want to see a series of squats appearing."


Occupy Exeter began on 12th November 2011 and is part of a nationwide scheme to raise awareness for the need of a fairer society and the redistribution of the nation’s money.


The Cathedral’s authorities have begun legal action to remove the protestors from the green due to the rising levels of anti-social behaviour, including drug abuse and vandalism. During December the police were called out over 20 times.


The protestors maintain that their motives are genuine. Those that were less committed were encouraged to leave and the tidiness and behaviour at the camp has improved. Reports of Exeter’s homeless eating the donated food and enjoying the company may have contributed to this


The members previously rejected an offer of use of the green during the day time that would have added legal strength to their presence.


They have not formed a plan of action if they are asked to leave. One activist declared that “we know we have a right to be here…they’ll have to drag me away”.