‘Flashmob’ on Campus Kickstarts Sabbs Election Campaigns

Clowns and orange boiler suit-clad participants alike set up camp outside the Lemmy and Peter Chalk, accosting students to discuss and promote their policies and ideas.

AU dance Sabbs Guild Elections

Streatham Campus was once again awash with flyers, banners and boiler suits as yesterday marked the start of this year’s Sabbatical campaigns.

Candidates and their supporters braved the elements to present a diverse range of interesting and original campaigns.  As in past years, this year’s candidates have coined catchy slogans, such as ‘Like Mike’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary.’
The most memorable campaign of the day came from AU candidate Joe Batten who staged a surprise ‘flashmob’ dance on the Great Hall piazza.
The routine, which was choreographed by Kate Hird and had only been rehearsed twice, saw 40 dancers and lacrosse players dancing to a medley of ten songs including Soulja Boy’s ‘Soulja Boy Tell’em’ and ‘Greased Lightning’.

When the ‘Baywatch’ theme tune came on, the dancers stripped off in true Exeter style to reveal red outfits.

Batten said of the flashmob routine, ‘I’m in the Dance Society first team and I’m Lacrosse captain, so I wanted a way to get both sports teams working together.

The dancers all seemed to enjoy taking part in the stunt with one second year participant telling The Drop ‘Joe is a great guy – he’s the only reason I’d wear a morph suit!’.
You can vote for Joe here: