Peacocks in the Public Eye: #1

Jamie Wild explores the peacocking phenomenon sweeping through Exeter.


‘Peacocking’ is the act of consciously making yourself different so that people find you interesting. What I am going to do over the coming weeks is update this section; ‘Peacocks in the public eye’ and discuss simply, if they have got it absolutely right or bewilderingly wrong.

Here we have our first happy peacock. This cheery fellow thought graffiti on the face in preparation for Monday night Mosaic was the right road to take to secure some poontang.

Many would assume that the bizarre hair style would have been enough to attract attention, but no.

This young man thought he would attract the female he so desired by illustrating his face. Sadly on this occasion he's had a shocker. You’d have to be an idiot not to see this. We advise this bearded Potter to invest in some soap and re-think his strategy.

We score this attempt an abysmal 1/10.