I SHOULD hate this… but I love it

The age of the reality-drama has well and truly begun, and it is not going anywhere.


It used to be so fun being pompous and derisive when shows such as big brother and the X factor popped on to my screen.


I would dub them the basest form of entertainment because of their degradation of talent and general lack of taste. I was quite frankly, an idiot. 


I realized this when I was introduced to The Only Way Is Essex – an anticipated target of my cynicism. How wrong I was – 4 weeks down the line I was trawling through ITV player for the latest episode because yes, I genuinely cared whether Mark and Lauren had broken up, or if Kirk was going to beat Mark in that boxing match. So this was it, I was in love with the reality drama, and it was about to get so much better.


It’s a Monday evening, the doors of Mosaic have been open for a good half an hour and the crushing throng dying to get to the top floor is in full swing.


But I (and the majority of my housemates), will be safely at home when that music starts up (Midnight City by M83). Queue an hour of television brilliance, as the antics of a group of posh good-looking 20-somethings are played out before us.


It is hard to explain why it is just that addictive, but Made in Chelsea has managed to secure itself an ardent fanbase. Maybe it is the flamboyant Ollie, the cheeky Jamie or apparent airhead Binky that is your favourite, but it doesn’t matter, they are all great- apart from Cheska.


A year or so ago, I would have been embarrassed about my current obsession – the reality drama – and I probably should be still, but that wont stop me relishing the new series of Geordie ShoreYou can keep Desperate Scousewives though, there is a line.