Beat the Cold Snap – Stay in the Warm with February’s Top TV Choices.

A guide to upcoming TV over the next month.

February TV Preview

As the February chill takes hold, it may be easy to become down on life. Never fear, I'm here to give you a guide to the reasons to be cheerful this month. At the risk of sounding like an old man, I am extremely excited about the conclusion of Masterchef. It has in recent years become a BBC flagship show, and it isn't hard to realise why. Judges Greg Wallace and John Torrode are arguably one of the most entertaining double acts of modern times. Their constant cries of "oomph", their gargantuan mouthfuls and their orgasmic groans have become somewhat of an institution. Although Masterchef may not be for everyone, it certainly ticks all the right boxes for me.

On a slightly manlier note, the return of Spartacus on Sky1 has sparked an incredible feeling of excitement in my house. The blood, guts, nudity and lesbianism are all back in full force in the follow-up to the first series "Blood and Sand". The gladiators are now loose in the Roman Empire, presumably with the intention of murdering and shagging their way to Rome itself. Now, I know Spartacus may not be the most subtle or intelligent drama series on TV, but it is bloody fun viewing on a Monday evening. A word of warning, may not be every girl's cup of tea.

So, last night heralded the return of one of the most incredible TV shows Britain has ever produced: Geordie Shore. For those who haven't seen it, it is a must, and for those already hooked, you'll be with me in saying it produces some of the most hilarious, shocking but thoroughly entertaining television. The preening, steroid pumped boys are once again on a mission to nail the whole of Newcastle between them, whereas the girls, led by the acid tongued Vicki, are reeling from the introduction of the brashly faked-tanned and flirty Rebecca. If last night's episode is anything to go by, this series could be an absolute gem.

So whether its screaming Geordies, balding foodies or violent lesbianism, February has something to offer everyone.