Student Entrepreneurs: The Ones To Watch in 2012

We all like making money, this lot shows you how!

2012 business Entepreneur student

Looking for an easy way to put a sprinkle of spring into your weathered winter wardrobe? Then look no further.

This top pick of Exeter’s entrepreneurs brings you the latest on campus trends. Just think, Julian Dunkerton, the brainchild behind leading clothing brand Superdry, started up selling second hand clothes from his Coventry warehouse and is now worth 1.2bn! Grab a bargain from these new brands and help them reach success.


First developed in the early 14th century espadrilles (sometimes termed ‘Manspadrilles’) have become popular with both men and women alike. As a comfortable canvas slip on they provide a more robust alternative to flip flops. Whilst being hailed as the “shoes of the student”, Toms, Adidas and Fins market their products at a price of £30 and over, hardly fitting for those on a tight budget! This is where SCRUf comes in! Set up by three Exeter students, SCRUf have five eye catching designs to choose from, selling at only £15 a pair with two for £25, these shoes have soul!

Get walking in style at:

Winston Shirtchill

Ever found it unfair that ladies at black tie events can dress as extravagantly as they like, but yet men are stuck with dinner jackets? Well, that’s all about to change! When worn underneath a jacket, a Winston Shirtchill shirt looks like any plain white shirt.  However, when the party gets started, the dancefloor opens up, and the jacket is no more…this is when the fun begins. Being sold in a variety of wacky designs, these shirts are made in England and are of the highest quality. Retailing at £40, this is a small price to pay to be the centre of attention at your next event!

Look the part at:

Young Ones

Recovering from a night on the town, a hard day on the slopes or just wanting a lazy day in the house, then the YoungOne is for you! Modelled on OnePiece’s Jump In, the YoungOne is the ultimate garment for those looking to lounge in pure comfort. Selling at £39.99 these are currently the best quality and best value ‘onesie’ product on the market. With 7 designs to choose from, you are spoilt for choice!

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