A Quarter of Student Houses Remain Unlet

25% of student housing in Exeter is still available to rent. Many students still looking for houses but cannot afford overpriced offerings.

Cardens housing property

Exeter Estate agents, John Carden have revealed that 25% of their houses are still for rent. Despite this many Exeter students are actively looking for houses.

One angry third year Historian blame the disparity on high prices “how can these houses just be sitting there empty. Surely it is better to reduce the rent and get some money in”.

He added, “It's shocking really, they are just shitting all over students

The announcement is the latest in a worrying trend. Prices continue to rise for centrally located housing forcing students to live in out of town.

The Council recently contributed to the housing problem by making multi tenancy residency in the area around Vic Street illegal. Many homeowners were looking to develop student accommodation in the area but have since been thwarted, as new rules will not permit conversion fit for the student market.

Matt Haze, who lives on Powderham Crescent can sympathise with the problems. “We were extremely lucky to get our house and can only just afford it. Everyone wants to live on prestigious roads like this one but most can’t”.

It is not all doom and gloom however. New student housing is being built behind 44 below. It promises to offer cheaper modern accommodation, which is conveniently located between town and campus.