9 before 9pm

Will Graydon, The Drop’s Fitness Specialist, gives us a list of foods and drink that should be avoided before bed.

The Drop’s Fitness Will Graydon

1. Milk: downing a glass before bed could compromise your sleeping pattern as digestive issues will keep you awake. Instead, try making a protein shake with a lactose free alternative. You will still get that protein supply through the night without any sleep issues.

2. Pasta: it is a very calorie dense carbohydrate source, making it an easy was to consume as many as 400 calories in your pre bed snack. As you won’t be expending much energy in your sleep these calories are simply going to settle around your waist.

3. Chocolate: it goes without saying that it's high in fat and sugar, also containing caffeine, which is definitely something to avoid. Caffeine will affect your sleep and if you aren’t already getting enough  then this will increase cortisol (a hormone that aids in protein metabolism) levels, and encourage muscle tissue breakdown. As an alternative, try mixing one scoop of our chocolate pure protein whey with one egg white and microwaving for 90 seconds.

4. Pizza: it is full of calories, carbs and saturated fats that will sit on your stomach as you lay there.

5. Chilli: the spiciness from chilli can lead to heartburn that can kill a deep sleep. Chilli peppers boost metabolic rate, which whilst great during the day, at night can leave you lying awake. Instead try some vegetable soup with a small amount of meat (for protein).

6. Lots of meat: overdoing the meat to gain protein is going to cause an extensive digestion process that will affect sleep. Ideally you should only consume between 20-50 grams of protein before bed. As an alternative try 20-50 grams of turkey meat as it contains tryptophan (a sleep promoting amino acid).

7. Chinese food: simply MSG has the same effects as caffeine. Let's not forget all the carbs in there. As an alternative ask for it without the sauces, and have steamed veg instead of rice/noodles.

8. Celery: for those on a strict diet celery is going to make you need the loo as it is a diuretic. Instead have broccoli, which will avoid those repeated trips to pee.

9. Fruit juice: acidic and high in sugar. The acid can lead to heartburn and the sugars (with a lack of fibre) will lead to uncontrolled insulin release – it will, in short, make you hungry in the middle of the night. As an alternative try fresh berries with some cottage cheese. The berries will provide sweetness and the cottage cheese has slow digesting amino acids for your muscles to feed from.

So there you have it, 9 items you should not be consuming after 9pm. Also, remember that a healthy sleep pattern is essential for your body to repair for your next day of pushing it!