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I did not stumble upon this miraculous find in a fashion blog or magazine, rather I uncovered it on Facebook.

A friend had posted the link and literally within seconds of entering its domain I didn’t want anyone else to discover my treasure trove. I could hardly bear to think of others enjoying such a find. After looking at my bank balance, however, I realised this was never going to happen, so I decided to share.

In 2006 the San Francisco based website was launched, the location highlighted by the fact that all the clothes look like they should be worn with a tan and some vintage shades. But don’t let that put you off! The clothes are all reasonably priced with tops around £25-30 and dresses £30-45 (already cheaper than Topshop).

The founder is described as ‘twirling around the studio’ to disco music and this carefree approach is felt through the clothes and how the models are styled. It reminds me of American Apparel in the way that they aren’t afraid to show a bit of flesh, but the clothes still look wearable; at times it can seem that only the physically blessed can dare to wear such items.

One of the main reasons the clothes stand apart from other high street brands, is due to the cut-out designs used on nearly all the items.

The Scalloped Cut-out Dress ( would look amazing on anyone that had just been on holiday or had a spray tan done as it shows off the best part of your back.

The Cold Shoulder Blouse (, again, would look great on tanned shoulders but also the way it hangs is incredibly flattering.

Furthermore, if like me you wish you could pull off a maxi skirt yet fear the dreaded bulk of material around your hips, fear not! The Sweet Pleats Maxi Skirt ( is high on the waist and the slits up the legs look oh-so tantalisingly good.

Lastly, just to mention the shoes. And WHAT shoes they are. Possibly the most ridiculous high street platforms I have ever seen, very Baby Spice-esque. If anyone buys a pair then please do let me know if they are walkable!