Pom Bashing Party – Australia Day in Exeter

Exeter’s take on Australia Day.

Australia Day Exeter Walkabout

Every January 26th, Australians, (and Aussie sympathisers) come together to get drunk in remembrance of that fateful day in 1788 when the first British boats landed on Port Jackson, the beaches of Australia, with the intent of setting up a penal colony to exile prisoners. Classically, the day is seen as one the biggest bank holidays in the Australian calendar. So where better to celebrate it than right here in Exeter?!

Inflatables, flags, tattoos, beer…the celebrations of “‘straya day” (Australia Day) gave everyone the perfect excuse to party on January 26th.

The hub of celebrations was naturally Walkabout with such entertainment as “drink 10 beers to win a flight home” competition and the four piece band Keiko Rise brewing up a great atmosphere maintained by Aussies and Pommies alike.

Of course, the celebrations did not end at Walkabout, and a night at Arena followed suit with the occasional Australian classic (hello Kylie!) snuck in to that familiar Thursday night track list that we all love and cherish.

All in all a great night was had by all, one student overheard saying that Australia Day was: “always the best night of the year!” Perhaps an ostentatious claim, but Australia Day in Exeter appears to be a strong contender.