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fashion Gap Year Style

Fashion has that inherent tendency to change with little warning.

Years, seasons, days – whatever, the unforgiving wrath of the fashion police can catch you out on an almost daily basis. There is one style however that seems to have defeated the unpredictable cycles of fashion. Having lasted for years and still going strong – the ‘gap year’ style persists. Forget about identifying the gap year set by their chat (boring, ‘gap yah’ = so 2010), its all about what they’re wearing.

Almost anyone who’s been on the classic gap year can be found unashamedly guilty of showing off this fact through their choice of attire. You don’t want to talk about your travels too much, but (obviously) want people to know where you’ve been. Subtlety is the key.

Number one on the list is the ‘tubing in the vang vieng laos’ t-shirt. Never has a t-shirt been so versatile! In the gym, at lectures, Monday mozzas – you can literally wear this t shirt anywhere. A ‘capsule’ item in the fashion world, they come in a variety of shapes and designs so suited to almost anyone. And for the boys its not just about the t-shirt, its all about just wearing the t-shirt, with shorts…in January. We all know a boy who wears shorts all year round, usually obnoxiously bright ones. Its all about the investment pieces.

The gap year look is encapsulated by looking like you’re not trying. But, as with any style, attention to detail is crucial. This is where the accessories come in: backwards caps – always a safe option. Fading bleached hair (roots longer than tips preferably), and a year long tan both add to the authenticity. Wristbands from last years Reading, this years Reading, and all your travelling escapades inbetween complete the look with that all important individual flair.

Though we love to hate the gap year hype, there’s no denying that it's been inspirational. There’s nothing a fresher loves more than the mere suggestion of a UV theme at Rococos. Its just like Full Moon! The gap year has made the likes of tutus, superbright headbands and warpaint totally acceptable, verging on cool. Top fashion points for those with genuine Full Moon attire, the rest can merely admire you as you reside on top of the style podium.