Edinburgh business exam fiasco as examiner’s phone goes off mid-exam

Do they get disqualified?

We went to the new Chichuahua Café on Frederick Street and it was as cute as you’d think

You chihua-huon’t want to miss out

I ate hummus with every meal for a week: this is what happened

It wasn’t as easy as you might think

The main George Square library is actually open today after all

What a drama

Monday’s exams and deadlines should be rescheduled after tomorrow’s unexpected library closure

How are we supposed to access the HUB reserve?

Everybody panic because the library AND Hugh Rob are shutting for 24 hours on Sunday

Awks if you have an exam on Monday

The worst crimes people commit in the Edinburgh Uni library lifts


We took to the streets to investigate Edinburgh’s late night food problem

Students are being unjustifiably deprived

Going to a Scottish uni is worth it just for the Christmas break

A whole month off? Yes please

Edinburgh’s Clubbers of the Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the week

Professor sacked from Heriot-Watt over sexual assault allegations

Police have also launched an investigation

Edinburgh uni professors are saving us from a halloumi-less future

A reason to be proud of our uni

Anthony Nolan are recruiting Edi students to be stem cell donors tomorrow

Will you Marrow Me?

Okay so don’t panic but Edinburgh’s getting a Harry Potter themed bar

Accio all the gin

Staff tell us what it’s like working at the 24 hour Princes Street McDonald’s

It’s a zoo out there

Clubbers of the Week

Deadlines are over and so is our sobriety