There were fewer than TEN people occupying the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre this weekend

So much for solidarity

New 24/7 McDonald’s to open on Nicolson Street in September


Here’s what you can do to help your friend struggling with depression

According to a trained psychotherapist


The trials and tribulations of a night out in Edinburgh and how to overcome them

They’re actually really stressful

Here’s everything that went down at Peter Mathieson’s McEwan Hall Q&A

From what went wrong in Hong Kong, to his pay package and of course, the strikes and occupation

‘Seriously, what makes us bitchy?’: Going to an all girls school is absolutely great and here’s why

If you get the ‘shit I think I’ve just come on’ feeling, feel free to ask everyone in your history class if they have a pad

Robbie Travers is at the NUS Conference advising unknown centrist delegates

‘You don’t tend to get little Rees-Moggs walking round the NUS Conference’

If you do these endearingly boring things you are the ‘Uni Grandad’ of the group

Everyone has that mate who is basically already a retiree

The reality of life as an RA in Pollock

There’s more to it than the 75 per cent discount

We spoke to the George Square occupiers about what they’re doing and what it’s like living in a lecture theatre

‘Edinburgh University is occupied, Edinburgh University is ours.’

Everything that got discussed at the HCA UCU Meeting today

Exam marks and degree classifications could see major delays

Jazz-hands, a radical library and an abundance of hummus: What I discovered when I went undercover at the Gordon Aikman student occupation

It’s a bit like a cult

The Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre occupiers are considering occupying the library next

Not content with the current level of disruption, the library may be their next target

If you don’t call out your group chat racism, you’re no better than those sending the messages

BAME students are calling on everyone to finally stop being so complicit

‘Outrageous’ Paddy’s Day loo queues at The Three Sisters inspire Edi student to start a campaign for more female toilets

When you gotta go… #loos4ladies

A 22-year-old Deliveroo cyclist was seriously assaulted in the Meadows

He was cycling down Middle Meadows Walk

A major power cut at Salisbury Court last night nearly sent freshers to hotels

Unite Students provided a midnight Domino’s feast tho

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