Edinburgh Uni lose four students’ exam papers

The exam was worth 100 per cent of the course

We spoke to people who lived in Pollock in the 70s, 80s, and 90s to see what it was like

The rent was £6 a week in the seventies

Here are some of the craziest Fringe shows going on this year

One guys just can’t get enough of puns

The University of Edinburgh is the 34th best uni in the WORLD


Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 4

It’s time for the final round

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 3

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Edinburgh is the third most expensive place in the UK to buy a pint

And it’s only out-priced by London and Oxford

Everyone but me has finished exams so my only friends left are the Mormons

Don’t judge The Book by its cover

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 2

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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 1

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Edinburgh has been ranked as one of the top five cities in the WORLD for a night out

And Glasgow didn’t make the cut

Edinburgh second years were given an exam with the answers written in the paper

A whole section worth 65 per cent will be discounted

All the annoying things about Heriot-Watt during exam time

Putting the dying into studying

Edinburgh students told us their most cringe walk of shame stories and, oh my, some are awful

Someone got called a prostitute by a Scottish schoolboy

Scotland says goodbye to cheap booze as the new minimum price is introduced

Tennent’s lager will be affected by the minimum price

All the struggles you’ll face trying to store your stuff over a long uni summer

Anyone want to take my flute?

Nominations for Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2018 are now open

Nominate your friend who is a massive BNOC

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