Edinburgh’s Clubbers of the week

It’s getting dark at 4 pm, but you all stay lit

What your favourite end of the night song says about you

Mate, do you have Wonderwall?

Clubbers of the Week

Deadline season’s finally over and you’ve been embracing it

Nominations are now open for Edinburgh’s Best Lecturer 2017


Preacher spotted protesting gay marriage around George Square

His name is George

We asked a bunch of international students what their first impressions of Edinburgh were

‘Is Hive a type of STI?’

All the problems we had in secondary school that we wish we had now

Give me mental arithmetic any day

We all learn differently, so why are you marking me on tutorial participation?

I can’t “just talk” its not that easy

Clubbers of the Week

The one where it was Halloween

We went Trick or Treating at Pollock Halls, and this is how it went down

“I can shit in the bag if you want me to”

‘Resting bitch face’ is possibly the most irritating phenomenon to ever happen

I don’t have to look happy for you

Clubbers of the Week

The week where everyone went costume-mad

Okay, I admit it – I just don’t get why people like the countryside

Is it such a crime to prefer civilisation over mother nature?

Edinburgh’s Maddest Fresher 2017: Round Two

This lot are wild af

We asked Edinburgh students what’s the maddest thing they’ve spent their student loan on

Having your own ball pit sounds pretty good tbf

Edinburgh’s spiciest Singles of the Week

These pringles are ready to mingle

Clubbers of the Week

We all got absolutely Ophelia-ed