Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 2

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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 1

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Edinburgh has been ranked as one of the top five cities in the WORLD for a night out

And Glasgow didn’t make the cut

All the annoying things about Heriot-Watt during exam time

Putting the dying into studying

All the struggles you’ll face trying to store your stuff over a long uni summer

Anyone want to take my flute?

Nominations for Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2018 are now open

Nominate your friend who is a massive BNOC

This second year has passed his module without even needing to sit the exam

He admits to having done about two hours of work the entire semester

Today’s the day: The Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre occupiers are finally leaving

It’s been a long six weeks

University of Edinburgh academic centre revealed to have been funded by a Putin-led Russian cultural unit

Over 90 per cent of external funding came from Russia

We took a serious look at all the embarrassing things we used to do on Facebook when we were angsty teens

Nothing was too private to be posted on our friend’s wall

If you own most of the things on this list you’re definitely a stationery addict

We blow our student loans one felt tip at a time

‘I went plastic free for a month and you should too’: Meet the Edi student who didn’t use plastic for the whole of March

She sees herself as an environmentalist Neo from The Matrix

All the worst things about the Edinburgh Uni library

The HUB reserve can do one

We went on TripAdvisor to see what people actually think of the University of Edinburgh

‘Try to avoid 95 per cent of the mostly over-privileged students’

Teviot nachos, Hive and David Hume – a second year reflects on life at Edinburgh Uni so far

I’m halfway through my degree and never want to leave

A guide to eating vegan on a student budget – it’s easier than you think

But where DO you get your protein from?

New ‘privately educated only’ dating app to launch tomorrow

It ‘brings together people with similar backgrounds’

Every panic you’ll have before going on exchange and how to deal with them

Your year abroad jolly is a lot more stressful than it seems

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