Clubbers of the Week

Just like Jesus did, the students of Edinburgh went out on Friday and came back on Monday.

Meet Made in Chelsea’s newest recruit: Edinburgh econ student Ella Wills

She’s the Edi student who swaps Quartermile for Kings Road before you can say “half price Teviot nachos”

Everything you need to know about LEAPS, the programme helping Scotland’s young people get into uni

You may not have heard of it, but it’s helped a lot of us

Literally just a list of the worst comments the Tab Edinburgh has received this year

U ok hun?

What they didn’t tell you about coming to Edi Uni but probably should have

You could go four years without hearing a Scottish accent

Clubbers of the Week

I didn’t even know there were enough people still in uni to fill this up but here we are

What it’s been like to live in Pollock – it’s been complicated

A fresher’s thoughts on the imminent end of Absorb pres and the like

Edinburgh on Ket: We spoke to users of the drug to find out what it’s like

“I guess it’s just people with £40 to spend and who are looking for something different.”

Singles of the Week: Edinburgh’s spring fresh sweethearts

Spring is here! Why not turn a new leaf and direct your attention towards some of Edinburgh’s most eligible…

Clubbers of the Week

#onemoreweek #onemoreweek #onemoreweek

How to get rid of Edinburgh Uni library desk hoggers once and for all

Establish a public stocks already

We asked a group of linguists to try and pronounce these Scottish words

Have you ever met a non-Scot who can pronounce the word ‘milngavie?’

Breaking news just in from the Daily Mail: WOMEN HAVE LEGS

It’s 2017 and they still don’t get it

Clubbers of the Week

Why stay in the library if you can go out instead?

Every reason why the main library is the worst place in Edinburgh

Why don’t the plugs ever work?!

PJs and VKs: I went to Prow and Opal in my pyjamas

I can be your sweet dream, or your fleece-robed nightmare

Riego: The Edinburgh halls you’ve probably never heard of

And you’re lucky if you haven’t

What it’s like working behind the bar at the Big Cheese – you guys should be so grateful

What do you call the aftermath of a busy big cheese night? De-Brie

The identity crisis of the semi-international student at Edinburgh


Clubbers of the Week

St Patrick would be proud