Edinburgh University students have their say on the Harry & Meghan drama

‘Two rich people complaining about rich person problems’ is a hot take

The final instalment of the Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary aired less than two weeks ago. With exams over, the freezing Edinburgh weather biting, and the boxes of Quality Streets adorning the shelves of all major supermarkets, there’s no better time to dive face-first into a binge-worthy TV series.

One such documentary series causing a stir is Netflix’s Harry and Meghan, in which the couple give their perspective on the last few years of royal drama. It turns out nearly 60 per cent of Edinburgh students blame the media for their departure from the Royal Family, while 24 per cent blame Meghan and just three per cent blame Harry.

We released a series of polls on our Instagram account in which we asked our 17.7k followers to share some thoughts regarding the post-documentary Harry and Meg discourse. Here’s how it went…

Question 1: Have you watched it?

The first question seeks to grasp an estimate of how many of our followers have watched or intend to watch the documentary, versus how many people have no intention of watching.

  • 65 per cent = have watched or are planning to watch it
  • 35 per cent = have not watched the series

Question 2: Has your opinion changed?

We next asked our followers, if they have already watched it: has their opinion changed since?

  • 25 per cent = YES (positive change in opinion)
  • 27 per cent = YES (negative change in opinion)
  • 48 per cent = NO (no change in opinion)

Question 3: Who’s the ‘bad guy’? 

Whilst the British tabloids and news media may have amplified the voices of critics who have labelled Meghan as “manipulative” and “a piece of work“, others criticise the Royal Family for its role in allowing the alleged harassment and abuse towards Meghan.

The Netflix documentary suggests the British media are culpable for capitalising on hatred towards Meghan (something others disagree with). There is no objective answer to this question, so we asked our followers who they believe played significant roles in the events that led up to Harry and Meghan’s departure from the Royal Family and the surrounding controversy.

  • 59 per cent = Press/media
  • 24 per cent = Meghan
  • 15 per cent = Royal Family
  • 3 per cent = Harry

Question 4: Any other thoughts?

The final question we asked gave our followers an opportunity to share their general opinions towards Harry and Meghan, their documentary and their relationship with the Royal Family. Here is what Edinburgh Uni students have to say:

‘She’s an actress by profession. I don’t trust a word out of her mouth’

In that case, she hasn’t broken character in seven years! Someone get the girl an Oscar.

‘They wanted privacy*. But then did a Netflix deal, podcast, and Oprah interview ????’

*Neither Harry nor Meghan has publicly explicitly stated that they “wanted privacy”: their statement announcing their decision to step back mentions nothing of privacy and reiterates their desire to continue their roles and public duties.

‘They’re really annoying but also make some good points which makes them more annoying’

I love the nuance of this take.

‘Harry top bloke as he served. Meghan is evil’

Short, sweet, and straight to the point.

‘F*** the monarchy’


‘Good for them for speaking against horrific racial treatment’


‘I feel so bad for Meghan and Harry and I really don’t trust all the English people who hate Meghan’

Is it a red flag?

‘Totally on their side but just interesting how they are using the media to criticise the media’


‘Regardless of personal opinion, failure of the Royal Family to deal with the tabloids early on speaks volumes’

They did indeed fail to deal with the tabloids.

‘How about we focus on sh*t that actually f**king matters’

Sh*t that actually f**king matters: https://www.amnesty.org/en/

‘Doc was cringe and rehearsed but the race and media parts were important and interesting’

Yes, yes, and yes.

‘Two rich people complaining about rich person problems’

Not a hot take by any means.

‘They deserve privacy!! Shocking the amount of people saying it’s hypocritical to ask for privacy then make this – everyone deserves privacy? It’s within their rights to want to say their side of the story’

Privacy = a human right.

‘She is annoying yes but is so unfairly demonised probs cause she is a woman’


‘Just wanting money’

Aren’t we all?

‘They were the best part of the Royal Family and the media suck (merry xmas to everyone else)’

And to all a good night.

‘I don’t care at all’

And on that note…

Featured image: Overlay via YouTube.

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