Neighs and slays: The best dressed at The Races 2022

Nothing goes with tweed quite like some gambling


Despite the Musselburgh Races being delayed to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral (RIP Liz, we all know how much you loved the races), the spirit of irrational spending and damp tweed was in full force on Wednesday.

Shout out to every other girl I saw in the exact same Urban Outfitters Afghan coat. I thought I was dressed originally. I really did. We all looked great though, high five to being easily influenced.

Here is a round-up of this year’s best dressed.

Double (twin?) trouble!

No races outfit is complete without a cashmere scarf.

What spell did you cast for you all to have perfectly white trousers maintained all day?

Damp, but still immaculate. (Flat) caps off.

Windswept and well kept.

Afghan coat? Try Afghan boa.

If the races had an album cover:

Skinny scarf + tweed = slay

Okay, I’m officially a cowboy boot stan.

THE LADS looking as dapper as ever. Loving the matching chinos.

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