15 of the wildest hookup stories from Edi students

I’m not one to kink shame but some of you need help

Whether you’ve regrettably hooked up with a first year at freshers, or are trying to forget your feelings about a sneaky link with another hookup, chances are if you’re at uni you’ve hooked up with someone.

Whilst every hookup is bound to be a bit awkward, not all hookups are made equally, and some are considerably more mortifying than others. Other times, they’re just insane, and after the post-hookup clarity hits you, you’re left questioning your life choices.

And it seems that Edi students have some very traumatic and downright disturbing hookup experiences so without further ado here are 15 of the wildest hookup experiences from Edi students.

1. ‘I was really drunk and forgot my menstrual cup was still in me until she told me’

Yeah I can imagine that would be a bit of an obstruction.

2. ‘He had builders in the next day and said to them, “ignore that thing on the bed” whilst I was lying there’

What a gentleman.

3. ‘My toenail came off’

Was it as a result of what you were getting up to or?

4. ‘His dad walked in to give us a bowl of quality streets’

It’s like the mum from Mean Girls except with dad energy.

5. ‘Made me watch Ratatouille during the deed and quoted the whole thing’

Wow, you guys lasted one hour and 51 minutes? Fair enough.

6. ‘A mouse crawled on the bed they said “don’t worry he’ll crawl off”

All part of the atmosphere.

7. ‘He played the Doja Cat playlist on Spotify’

I mean, it’s a great playlist.

8. ‘Mate of mine hooked up with a girl who had a used condom collection’


9. ‘Took me to their favourite graveyard to do the deed’

The fact they even have a favourite is disturbing.

10. ‘My ex said he reminded me of his granny when we finished having sex’

This is the reason he’s your ex right??

11. ‘Took me home and made me watch both Monsters Inc films before kissing me’

The ultimate film to set the mood.

12. ‘After we did it they pooped in my toilet and didn’t wash or flush’

DISGUSTANG. If you know you know.

13. ‘He emailed Res Life to get his t-shirt back’

I want to see this t-shirt now.

14. ‘Scratch marks got infected afterwards and I needed a tetanus shot’

This is actually the most cursed thing I’ve ever heard.

15. ‘Insisted we shag to a YouTube compilation of Gordon Ramsay screaming at his chefs’

If he didn’t ask you after five seconds where the lamb sauce was it was a missed opportunity.

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