Here are five things you should watch if you’re single this cuffing season

If you’re not having a Shrek marathon with your cat, you’re doing it wrong

Christmas markets, sparkly Christmas light displays, cute winter pics with scarves and hot chocolates with your other half – this can only mean on thing: it’s cuffing season. For many, this really is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with pure romance, love and joy.

But what about the people who REALLY don’t want to be cuffed up this Winter. What do you do? We all know that if you’re single, Christmas is a time where all those really irritating couple films can make you feel alone and sad, devouring a whole box of chocolates in one night.

So, what do you watch instead? Well, we’ve got a list for you.

Honestly, who needs a partner when you’ve got decent films, piles of food to eat, and millions of bottles of alcohol you received for Christmas.

How To Be Single

A film literally all about being single and how great being single can be. Yes, there are some relationship aspects in there, and a scene where some guys fight over one of the main female leads. BUT it has an unusual ending.

This film is about finding yourself and that you don’t need a partner in your life, but also admitting when you maybe do need someone.

I was single for about two years before finding someone who now means the world to me. In that time, I put all my focus on me and learnt so much about myself. 

Friends with Benefits

Okay so this film gives a message that doing friends with benefits is a good idea, and maybe it can be.

I won’t give too much away, but for me, it’s a feel good and funny film. Also Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake on your screen – what’s not to like?! 


How else to make you feel at ease about not dating or being cuffed up than by watching a sociopathic serial killer go around killing his dates.

You definitely shows the worst case scenarios of dating, but at least you’re safe from the confines of your cosy fleeced blankets and Baileys hot chocolate. 

The Bold Type

This series is not Christmassy at all, and is all about sisterhood and boss women trying to make their way in the world.

This series truly shows you how important your friends are, and that you don’t need a partner to be happy. It also covers subjects like realising your sexual identity, controversial work relationships and much more (but I won’t give it away). Definitely binge-worthy! 

The Shrek Trilogy

And finally, these films give you hope that everyone can find the donkey to their dragon, or the Shrek to their Fiona (whilst you’re scoffing your face with never ending chocolates, Christmas food that lasts forever, and drowning your happiness in champagne).

The third film is a little meh, but this just means that you can make a drinking game out of it. It’s the perfect way to spend a Friday night in with your besties.

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