‘The Crown’, cracking moustaches and a proposal: Here’s Edi Goes Dating round 11

All I want for Christmas is you

In case you missed the news, Edi Goes Dating is back! We’ve been sending eligible Edi singles on completely blind dates, to see if they can find love.

For those of you that need a refresher on the process, here’s how it works: based on answers to our 100 per cent scientific compatibility questionnaire, we set up Edi students on COMPLETELY blind dates. After the date, we ask them how it all went, and most importantly, whether they’ll be heading on a second.

Last week’s round of dates saw one couple hitting it off and arranging a second date, but sadly the other three weren’t meant to be.

But it’s not all sad news, as we’re back with another round of four couples! Let’s see how they got on.

Oliver, first year Maths and Ciara, second year French & Spanish

Ciara likes tall and funny guys, while Oliver is a 6’3 gentle giant who’s looking for someone with a dry sense of humour. Did these two laugh the date away, or find good conversation a stretch? Let’s find out.

Overall, how did the date go?

Oliver: I’d give it an 8/10.

Ciara: It was okay.

Highlights of the date?

Oliver: We had a good laugh at times, and definitely found some common interests.

Ciara: Finding out we were both cat people.

What did you talk about?

Oliver: We talked a fair amount about TV programmes and about her gap year.

Ciara: Mainly clubs and how I’ve left uni for a year lol.

Would you go on a second date?

Oliver: Most likely not.

Ciara: Not likely, don’t think anything will come of it.

James, fourth year Chemical Engineering and Galactica, fourth year Geography

James is looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, while Galactica was recently given a two week ban from Big Cheese for ‘consistently being escorted off premises for overconsumption’. Let’s see whether these two hit it off. 

Overall, how did the date go?

James: It was a fun concept, but she wasn’t for me. Although I’m sure she’d be a phenomenal Big Cheese and Chromecast saleswomen.

Galactica: It was wonderful. He had a cracking moustache, almost as good as @watsonthecat009

Highlights of the date?

James: Hearing how her friend got banned from the Vatican City.

Galactica: When he proposed to me, I said no though, I think we’re too young.

Was there a spark?

James: I didn’t feel one. I thought the matchmaker was cute so that probably didn’t help lol.

Galactica: There was a fire, but it burnt so furiously that we had to call the firemen.

Would you go on a second date? 

James: Not for me as she wasn’t my type and there was no spark, but was an interesting experience!

Galactica: No, it would only end in heartbreak.

Louisa, first year PPE and Bertha, first year Law & Social Anthropology

Louisa is attracted to confidence and a sense of humour, while Bertha loves gallivanting and exploring. Did these two find that special spark, or quickly go their separate ways?

Overall, how did the date go?

Louisa: Good!

Bertha: The date was mellow and it was a nice way to spend a Friday evening!

Any awkward moments?

Louisa: We realised we sort of already knew each other, which was funny.

Bertha: When she told me she had a gun

What did you talk about?

Louisa: A lot of things – where we’re from, ‘The Crown’, politics.

Bertha: Where we are from, our majors, music taste, Edinburgh as a city, politics, America being the real life purge lol.

Would you go on a second date?

Louisa: I don’t think I’d go on another date, but I’d definitely hang out again as friends!

Bertha: In a platonic way probably yes!

Dax, second year Biochemistry and Toni, first year Nursing

Both Dax and Toni are well-rounded individuals looking for someone they can have an intelligent conversation with. Let’s see if they got caught up in an intellectual discussion, or left early in order to study for a non-existent early morning exam.  

Overall, how did the date go?

Dax: Pretty good, we got on well and had good conversation.

Toni: Yeah it was a good night!

Highlights of the date?

Dax: Nachos.

Toni: Time just flew by and we seemed to get on pretty well.

Was there a spark?

Dax: Not really.

Toni: I’m really bad at picking up these signals but yeah maybe.

Would you go on a second date? 

Dax: I don’t think so

Toni: I’d be happy to, but who knows…

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