Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Back again in Week Ten

The library being shut on Friday night meant there was no excuse (besides Storm Arwen) not to hit the club

With Storm Arwen and exam stress hitting, there were many reasons to curl up in bed instead of going out. But a little bit of gale force winds and the ever looming exam deadlines didn’t stop Edinburgh students going out and having a good time. Here are the best clubbers we spotted this week.

Stunner of the Week


Obviously I mean the woman not the Cookie Monster (or do I?)

Runners Up

Hat and sunglasses in the club is a powerful pairing

This man has perfected dancing when you don’t know the words

Creeper of the Week


Her face says it all really

Runners Up

Is that his wallet in his hand?

Yes, the Cookie Monster counts as a creeper.

So many creepers idk where to begin…

I’d love to spend a day in this man’s psyche to see what goes on

Third Wheel of the Week


If you are going to Third Wheel, at least make it classy

Runners Up

If you’re a third wheel say cheeeeeeese!

Who’s going to tell the man in yellow to go to Pizza Paradise and call it a night

I already feel bad for the inevitable friend-zone

Someone here is definitely the third wheel but I’m not sure who

Heroine of the Week


Tell me this isn’t a Bond Girl

Runners Up

When the squats in the gym pay off

Those bangs are heroic enough on their own tbh

TFW the DJ plays Party in the USA

Reconsidering my life choices and wondering why I don’t do this in the club myself.

Hero of the Week


The effort that went into this costume is worth celebrating

Runners Up

Came for a good time, found a good time

Rock on, brother

Put your hands in the air like you don’t have a 9am tomorrow – woop woop!

Get you a man who gives the club photographer a thumbs up

Wanker of the Week


There’s always one prick with a sparkler

Runners Up

I am so, so intrigued by the cardboard on his shirt

This photo just asked me if I had a family signet ring.

Way to ruin a perfectly good squad photo

Wtf of the Week


They’re just as shocked as we are.

Runners Up

Is this a Shrek night?

When the Tequila Vodka Redbull hits…

Who makes a choice to go out in that hat and where can I buy one

I can hear this photo unironically say “rah, where’s my baccy”

Album Cover


This colour scheme is rivalling Melodrama by Lorde

Runners Up

Definitely a manic pixie dream girl type album

They definitely play their music uninvited at afters

“You mean you didn’t go to boarding school…”

Spice girl wannabes

The 00s called, they want their y2k low rise jeans and visible thong combo back

Mutant of the Week


It would take a lifetime to unpack this image

Runners Up

Close your eyes, count to three, and wish you were at home in bed

A true Venom connoisseur

If only the photographer had given a countdown…

Unhappiest of the Week


I’d be pretty raging too to be honest

Runners Up

They’re having a staring contest with the photographer

Both the guys on the end wanted to leave at 11pm

TFW you remember you’ve got an essay due tomorrow

She really didn’t want her photo taken I guess

Are they having a bitch session in the club or just trying to remember some ABBA lyrics?

Best of the Rest

Bc clubs aren’t dark enough inside apparently…

Does this man have that poster on him at all times?

Holding two VKs and those glasses is genuinely impressive

Who is this happy on a Tuesday night

It’s giving Linkedin profile pic

Cowgate cuties x

I like to see people taking 2000s night as seriously as I do

Apparently it isn’t too soon to start the Christmas socials

Paint me like one of your French girls

But does he have a soul tho…

Photography Credits:

David and Neil Stewart (Subway)

James Gourlay (Ice Wednesday)

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday)

Thomas Michael (Hive)

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