Poetry, tequila shots, and Nicki Minaj: Edinburgh Goes Dating is back!

Love Actually season has officially started here in Edi

After a year of Zoom dates and social distancing, Edinburgh Goes Dating is BACK with a fresh round of in-person dates!

For those of you that need a refresher, here’s how it works: based on answers to our 100 per cent scientific compatibility questionnaire, we set up Edi singles on COMPLETELY blind dates. After the date, we ask them how it all went, and most importantly, whether they’ll be heading on a second.

So, let’s see how our couples got on and whether they’ll be madly in love by Christmas.

Mollie, second year Ecological & Environmental Sciences and Aleks, first year Arabic and Persian

Aleks loves languages and is looking for someone creative. Mollie is fluent in Welsh and has an obsession with frogs. Let’s see if these two croaked to the tune of love, or hopped away faster than you can say ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch’.

Overall, how did the date go?

Mollie: It went okay! It was a little awkward at first as we didn’t seem to have much in common, but I think it got better with time.

Aleks: It was good! I thought the conversation flowed really well and the time flew by.

Highlights of the date?

Mollie: Probably when we found a common interest in poetry and reading.

Aleks: Seeing a picture of her cat.

What did you talk about?

Mollie: A lot of things. Languages, poetry, films, cooking. Oddly specific things I guess.

Aleks: Languages, poetry, books, music – just our interests really.

Would you go on a second date?

Mollie: I wouldn’t say so, but I wouldn’t mind becoming friends.

Aleks: Yeah I’d be up for it, it’d be good to get to know her more even if we end up just as friends.

Laura, third year Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence and Harrison, second year Business

Laura’ s a keen baker whose type is tall, dark and handsome. Harrison is a budding DJ looking for a nice girl to call home. Will these two be cooking up some love or scratching this record to a halt? Let’s find out. 

Overall, how did the date go?

Laura: I think it went quite well.

Harrison: Eh, she wasn’t my type.

Highlights of the date?

Laura: My friends sending us tequila shots.

Harrison: When her friends bought us tequila shots.

Was there a spark?

Laura: I wouldn’t say there was an initial spark but he was a really nice guy.

Harrison: Not for me.

Would you go on a second date?

Laura: We didn’t discuss it but I’d consider it.

Harrison: No, I don’t think so.

Aisha, third year Marketing and Adam, third year Film

Aisha has a twisted sense of humour and loves a man who tells dad jokes, while Adam could joke for Great Britain if it were an Olympic sport. On paper these two seem perfect for each other, but will they laugh the hours away or crack under the pressure?

Overall, how did the date go?

Aisha: He’s not my type but it was alright.

Adam: Aye, grand. Quite a lot of laughter and got to know Aisha fairly well; which is always nice.

Any awkward moments?

Aisha: Just at the end I guess.

Adam: Constant genre/vibe and volume changes emitted from the speaker directly above us; whoever had the aux at Teviot has a rogue Spotify predicament.

Was there a spark?

Aisha: I’m not sure.

Adam: To be honest, not for me. But, it was lovely to get to know someone who I probably wouldn’t meet otherwise; particularly after 18 months of not being able to do that sort of thing.

Would you go on a second date?

Aisha: If he asks me out again then maybe.

Adam: I don’t think so, but I hope Aisha finds someone to accompany her to the Christmas markets soon!

Patrick, third year Cognitive Science and Helena, third year Religious Studies

Patrick likes going on hiking and biking expeditions, and is looking for someone to get lost in conversation with. Helena loves getting creative in the kitchen, and can talk non-stop for days on end. Let’s see if these two will be climbing the mountain of love together, or pedalling away faster than the Scottish winds.  

Overall, how did the date go?

Patrick: Pretty well I think, I thought she was cute and we got along well. We managed to talk for four hours which is one of the longest conversations I’ve had in like a year so in that sense went great.

Helena: It was really nice, we had like a four hour conversation.

Highlights of the date?

Patrick: Towards the end when we started talking about films and we kept getting excited at what each other had watched and gave recommendations and such.

Helena: When we talked about Nicki Minaj. I’m still waiting to hear his karaoke.

Was there a spark?

Patrick: I think the fact it lasted for so long is hopefully a sign that at least something’s there, but I can’t really know yet

Helena: Kind of!

Would you go on a second date?

Patrick: Yeah!

Helena: Yeah I think so!

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