Someone launched fireworks into the crowd during Bonfire Night celebrations on Calton Hill

The incident happened at around 9:20pm on Friday

There have been multiple reports of fireworks being launched towards crowds of people gathered on Calton Hill last night.

Calton Hill was extremely busy on Friday night, as many students headed up to watch Bonfire Night firework displays over the city. However, there were numerous reports of fireworks being set off into the crowds.

A group of Edinburgh Uni students were standing next to where two fireworks wents off, right by a footpath. One of the students told The Edinburgh Tab: “I walked up Calton hill last night with my flatmates around 9.20pm, it was very busy with people mostly coming down, although there were still crowds of people up there.

“Someone threw a firework into the area at the top of the stairs and did exactly the same thing again, but off to the side by the grass about five minutes after.

“We were caught in both! It was dark so we couldn’t really see who did it.”

The student managed to film both incidents on her phone:

In the videos, you can hear screams from the crowds as the fireworks explode nearby on the ground. Thankfully, no one was hurt according to the student.

A Reddit user also posted about the incident last night, saying: “PSA for anyone seeking out some good firework views tonight – Calton Hill is a shit show. Fireworks being fired into the crowd, accident waiting to happen!”

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