A woman who drunkenly stole bike thinking it was hers, is now trying to return it to its owner

The woman cycled the unlocked bike home from Haymarket after a night out

A woman has posted on The Meadows Share asking if anyone is missing a bike from Haymarket station, after she realised she had drunkenly rode it home on Friday night.

The woman, called Rachel, thought the bike was hers, despite getting an Uber to go out earlier in the evening.

She is still searching for the bike’s original owner.

Writing in a Facebook post, Rachel said: “Has someone had their bike stolen last night? When I woke up today I had a flashback of myself cycling back home from Haymarket station. I didn’t take my bike with me last night as I went out with an Uber.

“I checked my photos and found out I was not going bananas. I have a bike secured together with my bike downstairs. I think I found it unattached somewhere in Haymarket station and decided to cycle home?!

“I would like to return it to the owner as I’m sure they’ll love to have it back. Let me know if your bike is missing please!”

The post has already had well over 500 reactions on Facebook, most of them the laugh react. There have also been many comments from people sharing how funny they found the story.

One person commented, “can I have some of what you were drinking last night please?”, with Rachel replying, “gin and ciders only, nothing else”.

She later updated the Facebook post to say that: “The D lock is attached to the paneer rack of the bike so the bike was definitely not locked.

“Also, found a number on a sticker on the frame, checked the bike register, but no luck. I’ll keep searching for the owner until Wednesday, then I’m free to take the bike to the police lost and found on Fettes Avenue. I was in no shape to move from the sofa yesterday”.

The bike locked next to Rachel’s own

Speaking to The Edinburgh Tab, Rachel said: “As a cyclist myself, I feel bad that I have someone’s bike and I can’t seem to find the owner. But on the other hand, I want to believe that even while drunk, I took the bike to keep it safe and find the owner. I think that’s why I secured it by attaching it to my own bike with my lock. I guess drunk me thought I could find the owner through social media?!

“I guess that some people might not find the story funny, but I do, and apparently a lot of people who saw my post find it funny too. We’ve all done very silly/stupid things when drunk and if someone says they haven’t, they’re lying!

“I’ve posted an update on the meadows share and I’ll keep posting updates on the ‘bike adventures’ until I either find the owner or take it to the police. Hopefully I can find the owner soon, so I can ask why the D lock is on the pannier rack.

“I don’t understand why the D lock is there. Did the owner forget to lock the bike? Did someone steal the bike from a garden and dump it in Haymarket? It’s actually very intriguing and I really need to find the owner so they can solve the mystery for me!”

If you think the bike is yours, drop us a message over on our Instagram.

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