Here’s how Edi students spent their Girls Night In last night

‘I was shovelling Lidl cheesy bread down my throat’

The Girls Night In club boycott took place in Edinburgh last night, with a poll on our Instagram showing that the majority of Edi students participated.

We asked over on our stories what you were doing last night instead of going out, and honesty it sounded like you had a much better time than you would’ve had at any club.

From pumpkin carving to getting wine drunk, here are some of our favourite responses:

‘Watching Timothee Chalamet in Dune for the 3rd time’

Okay be honest, was it the 3rd time or the 30th? We’re among friends here, you can tell us.

‘Pulling an all nighter’

That is seriously impressive. Honestly, I’m amazed if I’m awake past 12 these days.

‘Friends and facemasks!’

That is the wholesome energy we all need right now!!

‘Crying over my dissertation’

If you need someone to cry with you, just hit me up.

‘Hunting for gaffs’

Sending you all the luck in the world. You’ll definitely need it…

‘Pumpkin carving for the Girls Night In competition’

Can’t wait to see all the pics!

‘Taking a fat nap after midterms’

The most well deserved nap of all time.

‘Having a meal out like civilised adults and then watching a film at home’

But surely you’re all civilised adults 100 per cent of the time anyway??

‘Baking a cake’

Remember, sharing is caring. I looove cake.

‘Watching Halloween movies!!’

Anyone else completely forget that it’s Halloween in TWO DAYS.

‘Flat drinks with the girlies’

Yesss we love to see it!! Now where was my invite?

‘Having a wine night in’

I hope you used the fancy glasses to mark the occassion.


It’s right there in the name isn’t it.

‘Shovelling Lidl cheesy bread down my throat’

100 per cent better than any club night tbh.

‘Fuck all’

Well at least you were taking a stand x

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