Edi student blocked by PDT after receiving ‘tone deaf’ message about drink spiking

The student had messaged to call out a post she thought was ‘insensitive’ to spiking victims

An Edi student has been blocked by Please Don’t Tell (PDT) after messaging them to complain about a Facebook post she thought was “insensitive” to victims of drink spiking.

She then received a “tone deaf” response from a staff member at the nightclub, on Shandwick Place in the West End, who told her that: “these types of cases should be solved by police and not by internet” – before adding: “I don’t know what I can say more about it”.

The Law Diploma student, who thought she had been spiked at the club before the pandemic, said she thought their response was “really not a good excuse”.

She then tried to send PDT’s account an infographic from the Girls’ Night In campaign about why the boycott is happening – but the message couldn’t be sent because she had been blocked.

Messages between an Edi student and the PDT account

The student sent the message after seeing a post on PDT’s Facebook account advertising a student night with a drink promo.

She believed the post was “insensitive” given accusations made by students through the @Edi_Anonymous Instagram account that they had been spiked since the start of the semester at clubs across Edinburgh – including PDT.

A staff member on the PDT account then told her: “I am girl and I work three years in this place. I know the staff very well, they are my colleagues and also friends. I am more than sure that nobody from them could spike customer drinks. I don’t really understand the idea of spiking customer drinks. Who would do that and what’s the sensible reason? About other customers we can only checking bags on the door and watch them during party”.

She then concluded: “I don’t know what I can say more about it”.

After being told that this was “really not a good excuse”, the PDT account then blocked the student who complained. She had tried to send them an infographic made by the Girls’ Night In campaign that explained what they wanted clubs to do to better protect clubbers from spiking.

The PDT account then appear to have blocked the Edi student

The Edinburgh Tab spoke to the student involved and she told us she was particularly upset and infuriated by the exchange because she thinks she has been spiked at PDT in the past.

She also said that she was surprised at how “dismissive” they were given some “additional evidence on their Google Reviews and in a discussion on The Meadows Chat”.

PDT has been contacted for comment. 

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