Here are eight things to do on an alternative night out in Edi

Believe it or not, it does get more cultured than Hive

As much as we all love a good night spent on Cowgate, sometimes it’s nice to try something new and maybe even evolve as a person.

University is a time for intellectual stimulation (or so we’re told), and this can be applied to activities outside the lecture theatre too. While you might think that trying to beat the record for number of venoms downed in one minute is a productive way to spend a Friday night, there are alternative options out there that’ll actually make you a more sophisticated and well-rounded individual, and they’re just as fun.

From comedy shows to Scotland’s National Orchestra, here are eight ways to spend an alternative night in Edinburgh:

1. Go watch the Improverts

Just because Fringe is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some top notch comedy. The Improverts are Edinburgh’s very own improvisational comedy troupe, and are performing every other Friday this semester at Assembly Roxy.

In each show, the players perform a mixture of short-form improv games based entirely on audience suggestions. This means that every show is unique and guaranteed to make you laugh.

They’re so great that you’ll be slapping the floor with laughter

2. Listen to some folk music

If you’re studying in Scotland, you have to experience some traditional Scottish folk music. Many of the pubs in Edinburgh have live music at night, with Captains Bar being a student favourite.

Wash a performance down with some fine Scottish whiskey or a pint of tennents for the full Alba experience.

3. Attend a late film screening

Edinburgh has numerous cinemas dotted around the city, including smaller independent picture houses like The Cameo. All it takes is a quick internet search and you’re sure to find a late night showing of both new blockbusters and old cult favourites.

Edinburgh Uni’s FilmSoc, The Brass Monkey, and Three Sisters also do film screenings, which make for a great alternative to a traditional cinema.

4. Go to a standup show

Edinburgh is the home of comedy, so going to a standup is a must during your time here. The city has multiple comedy clubs, including Monkey Barrel Comedy and The Stand, that put on weekly shows.

Monkey Barrel even does a student discount, including £1 student tickets on Wednesdays.

Get it, because it’s a barrel of laughs hahaha

5. Listen to some classical music

If you ever want to swap your inner Spongebob for the much more sophisticated Squidward, why not head to Usher Hall and take in some classical music.

Usher Hall is home of Scotland’s National Orchestra in Edinburgh, and the music they play might actually surprise you (they’re doing a James Bond night at the end of this month). The venue also hosts many different artists and shows throughout the year, from pop concerts to a showing of Love Actually accompanied by a live orchestra at Christmas.

6. Visit one of Edinburgh’s many theatres

There are two things that Edinburgh has a ridiculous amount of, and those things are boys with mullets and theatres. In fact, it’s almost impossible to count the number of theatres in the city, but this only means that there’s an infinite number of shows to go see.

From comedies to dramas, musicals to ballets, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Edinburgh University is also known for its strong theatre scene, so why not support your fellow students by watching one of their productions.

7. Pay a visit to The Jazz Bar

Clubs and pubs aren’t the only places to have a drink. In fact, you can actually combine the fun of drinking with the joy of broadening your intellectual horizons.

The Jazz Bar on Chambers Street provides just that. It’s the perfect place to go for some late night music, with some performances going on until 2:30am. Think all things jazz, blues, roots and soul.

8. Take a class

If watching from the sidelines isn’t your thing, you should try throwing yourself directly into the action by taking a class. You’ll find all sorts of classes being held in Edinburgh, including cocktail making, ceilidh dancing, tarot card reading, pottery making, and fire throwing to name a few.

I know it’s a bit different from a messy night in Hive, but honestly, I’m pretty sure mastering a new skill is the best high known to man.

Doesn’t get more litty than this

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