Clubbers of the Week: Feeling alive in Week Five

Midterms who? I’ll be on the dancefloor x

While the Edi temperatures might have dropped this week, that hasn’t stopped you all from braving the cold and hitting the clubs. Have any of you even looked at the assessment folder on Learn?

While your midterm grades might be doomed, at least you’ve got these magnificent photos to show for yourselves.

Stunner of the Week


Someone’s Fashion Week ready

Runners up

Have you ever seen a more stunning squad?

Pouts and smiles all around

I’m jealous of that palm tree x

Fun and fabulous

Creeper of the Week


When your mum says “say cheese”

Runners up

When it’s almost midnight and you haven’t done your daily starjumps

That’s one big tongue

This is cute apart from wannabe Kate Moss in the back

Unexpectedly wholesome

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Definitely her worst birthday yet

Runners up

Not even a bulletproof vest can protect you from heartbreak

Now that his VK is empty he has nothing left to live for

He’s disappointed but not surprised

She’s suprised but not disappointed

Wanker of the Week


No words needed

Runners up

This man needs psychological help

Proof that money doesn’t equal class

Meet the new James Bond

That could’ve been such a cute pic

Hero of the Week


Here comes water boy

Runners up

The things that cutout must’ve gone through

Just a man on a date with his monkey

It takes guts to go out in public looking like that

All hail the King of Big Cheese

Heroine of the Week


It takes a lot to look this happy while working, I’m impressed

Runners up

She’s ready to knock out anyone who comes too close

Sharing is caring

Now that’s true love

She’s having the time of her life

Mutant of the Week


The Hulk with all the enthusiasm but none of the muscle

Runners up

Trying to be qUirKy when you’re actually dying inside

Sliding into your DMs headfirst like

How to seduce a walrus in five easy steps

Halloween’s not for another two weeks love x

WTFs of the Week


“Watch my party trick”

Runners up

Definitely not Sesame Street appropriate

That’s a hostage situation if ever I’ve seen one

One venom down and suddenly you think you can read palms

Why the fuck is there a bouncy castle inside Potterrow

Best of the Rest

“Are we at a club or a garden centre?”

Imagine getting the worst news of your life on the Subway dancefloor

Nothing can come between a girl and her banana

Just four girlies on a night out. The one at the front’s definitely fucked it though…

What makes this worse is that Come On Eileen was probably playing in the background

“Ten more minutes fellas, that’s it”

One picture that shows the full spectrum of human emotion

I really wanna know what he whispered in her ear

When you find out the venoms are only £5 tonight

Cookie Monster’s moustache is the stuff of children’s nightmares

Photographer Credits:

James Gourlay (Distrikt Monday and Rascals)

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

Kate Woraker and Hope Holmes-Connachan (Big Cheese)

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