Clubbers of the Week: Vol. 4 Electric Bugaloo

Here we are for Week Four folks! Get ready to see some carnage

With the arrival of October and deadlines fast approaching, we’ve all been studying hard, trying to be the clever little students that would make our mums proud. Or at least that’s what we probably should’ve been doing.

And so, here are some photos from the recent glut of irresponsibility taken at this week’s club nights.

Stunner of the Week


As I’m in a relationship I allowed my girlfriend to make the executive decision on this one

Runners up

Is that Maura from Love Island??

Batgirl out on the toon

Alcoholism is such a beautiful trait

Had to rep the tartan

Creeper of the Week


My dreams have been haunted by this photo

Runners up

I have never seen more despair in a man’s face

This girl’s face says it all

The eyes are the window into the very drunken soul

This dude had no idea, and this photo is all the better for it

Third-wheel of the Week


These girls have ruined what would surely have been a precious moment

Runners up

When our University Challenge squad gets rowdy

The best thing to do when your friends get into a saucy pose without you is to smile

Sometimes third wheeling can be wholesome

Wanker of the Week


Not very COVID friendly

Runners up

Aren’t you scared the flare will explode?

Purely put in here due to the choice of Stone Island jacket

I highly doubt he got anywhere close to actually doing what he is miming

This guy has just been savagely rejected. The crowd is running away while he tries to salvage the situation

Hero of the Week


Give it up for the bar staff

Runners up

Pure bloody joy. I can even overlook the shirt and tie for this

Getting that five-a-day in

Love was in the air

Those hands do be adept with the VKs

Heroine of the week


This woman making everyone’s queuing experience better

Runners up

Handling drunken boys like a queen

White girl rapping pose engaged

This girl woke up and chose violence

This is a face of pure unbridled joy

WTF’s of the Week


Why is there a fucking egg here??

Runners up

I feel like I am looking into the void. I genuinely would not be surprised if this is what Hell looks like

Underage drinking should not be encouraged

I would very much like to know why the photographer wanted to make me feel sick

Mutant of the Week


When you buy Drake on

Runners up

“This shit bangs brother”

This pose was meant to be cool. It was not


“Sahhh Duuude”

Album cover of the Week


Mercury Prize Winner 2022

Runners up

God, boy bands are not what they used to be

Limp Bizkit boutta make a comeback

Paramore with their new gimpy surf dude bassist

Mumford and Sons reduced to a band of two

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


This guy has just looked at his bank account

Runners up

“You werent there man!! You werent there!…”

If disgust could be summed up in a photo

Plain clothes bouncer

This girl is not happy to have her photo taken. I can feel her rage just looking at her eyes

Best of the Rest

Cheeky smiles engaged to rip that stanky fart

That Bake Off prize money coming in clutch

Stood like a surprised meerkat, this guy wins my underrated photo award

The face you pull when the Jager Bombs come your way

Lord Farquad gettin cheeky

Scooby-Doo spotted amongst the ghosts of drunken revelry

Promo pic for Glee season 7

Girl got swerved

Not so subtle mate, but we respect the effort

Guy in the back just got told his maw is in fact his da

Photographer Credits:

James Gourlay (ICE Wednesday and Rascals)

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi)

David Stewart (Slice Saturday)

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

Thomas Michael (Hive)

Kate Woraker and Hope Holmes-Connachan (Big Cheese)

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