Clubbers of the Week: Feeling free in Week Three

Winter might be coming but Edi students are still heating things up on the dance floor

Semester one is really starting to kick off as the autumn weather creeps into Edinburgh, but that’s certainly not stopping our clubbers from turning out in their hundreds every night.

Whether it was cheesy tunes at Tamagotchi, or RnB hits at Rascals, the students of Edinburgh showed us how it was done in week three.

Album Cover of the Week


More swag on this sofa than the rest of the club

Runners up

Such a tender embrace – deffo an album of love songs

The best energy in this picture – a hype album for sure

Stunner of the Week


The hair. The glasses. The peace sign. That’s all I have to say

Runners up

Absolutely glowing!

Despite all the chaos of this moment, she still looks amazing



Look at the passion and conviction with which this boy is conducting himself. Love it carry on king

The cutest smiles ever

Its time for the Twerkulator

Creeper of the Week


Boy in the back wins because of how stealthily he managed to get in this pic

Runners up

Two creepers for the price of one

I can’t decide which one is the creeper but either way I love it

Its giving deer in the headlights

Guy in the middle has his heart set on that donut

Hero of the Week


They got him a cake!! Crying in the club rn

Runners up

Bloody legend having the time of his life

What a babe

So glad this man is enjoying his donut

As he should

Heroine of the Week


This girl is who we all should aspire to be

Runners up

The look of pure, unbridled joy

Two pretty best friends

She’s letting her friends know that the photographer is there – queen behaviour

Way 2 Sexy as Drake would say

Second best picture of this absolute queen

Mutant of the Week


Deffo a banger just dropped when this face was made

Runners up

“Yeah, sorry, can I just?? squeeze past, yup… thanks, yeah”

“Rah these sparklers makes us look so cool don’t they”


So unsanitary, social distance please

Wanker of the Week


Look how terrified this poor girl is – you can’t smoke a sparkler btw mate

Runners up

“Oh yeah my favourite film’s The Wolf of Wall Street” pack it in

Why is this man trying to look through a halter-neck top at this poor girl’s boobs? Men are strange

Do I even need to explain this?

Third-wheel of the Week


Always nice to get the club staff involved!

Runners up

Pure confusion on this guy’s face

Two cuties in the back having a lovely time

This girl knew she was the third wheel clearly

The smile of the guy in the back is so cute – just let him be part of the picture!!

Shadiest third wheel award goes to the girl giving dirty looks on the right…

Someone come lips my man he’s looking lonely

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Her friend deffo just told her that she texted her ex

Runners up

Shock. Fear. Confusion. Terror. We can only guess how this girl was feeling

deffo thinking “gtfo me crazy girl”

Second shadiest clubber of the week goes to the girl on the right; that is such a stank face jeez

The party hat is not making this situation look better

WTFs of the Week


Take away men’s human rights 2021

Runner up


Delightful viewing for everyone at ICE on Wednesday…

Best of the Rest

Two queens

This would be a super cute calendar picture for April

Shoutout club and bar staff!! We love you

Pure excitement for Distrikt as there should be

Immaculate vibes in this friendship group

Looks pretty lit

Thumbs up!!

Put your hands in the air if you smell!

Pout it, babe

Couldn’t only feature these two queens once

Get that donut babe

Photographer credits:

James Gourlay (Distrikt Monday, ICE Wednesday, Rascals)

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi)

David Stewart (Slice Saturday)

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday)

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