Here are 11 reasons you should write for The Edinburgh Tab

We’re recruiting new writers to join our team

Here at The Edinburgh Tab we are always looking for new writers to join our team. You don’t need to be an experienced writer to join us, just a fun and passionate individual who wants to join a team of leading student journalists.

There’s also a lot more to The Tab than just writing articles, and we hope this list of 11 reasons why you should write for us proves that.

If you’re interested in writing for us, send us a DM over on our Instagram or Facebook page! We’re also having an open meeting at Greenmantle on Wednesday 22nd September at 4pm.

1. You can write almost anything

The more passionate you are about the topic, the better the article will be. Therefore, we welcome and encourage you to pitch all the whacky and wonderful article ideas that pop into your mind.

From intensely strong opinion pieces to stupidly ridiculous quizes, you can write almost anything as long as it’s something Edinburgh students would actually want to read.

Where else are you able to write an article turning lines from Taylor Swift songs into things that all Edi students can relate to, and have it read by thousands of people? The Tab, that’s where.

2. You get to use your platform to talk about issues you care about

On a slightly more serious note, writing for The Tab gives you a platform that’s unrivalled in student media. Many of our most talented writers have used this platform to draw attention to the issues that matter to them.

Be that searing opinion pieces on issues like body shaming, biphobia, and racism – or reporting on news stories that deserve to be talked about that otherwise wouldn’t get the attention they deserve.

The Tab sets the agenda of what people talk about on campus – and if you write for us, you can be a part of that.

3. You will be at the cutting edge of on-campus news and get to break the stories students care about

We take a very different definition of news than you might think. In The Tab’s eyes, news is anything you’d be excited tell your mates about down the pub or share to the group chat.

Breaking news stories that matter to students is what we do best. In the past we’ve had writers literally sprint across George Square to get to a story that was happening at that very second. Being passionate in this way means we get the best exclusives – often before anyone else.

4. We get the best on-campus gossip

The secret to being a good Tab writer is just knowing people and being the kinda person people go to with interesting stories to tell.

We have a tips chat for our more committed writers where we share the most interesting goings on. We often joke the best Tab stories are the ones that are never published (sidenote: you’ll learn lots about media law).

5. We’re the most widely read Edinburgh student newspaper (by far) and your stories can get tens of thousands of views

We have a total of over 40,000 social media followers – that’s almost the same as the amount of students at the University of Edinburgh.

Some of our best performing stories get upwards of 10,000 views which rivals the numbers “proper” journalists get on their stories.

6. It’s an unbeatable way to build up a portfolio

If you’re applying for any writing or editing job, having a fab portfolio is key. The Tab lets you write across a wide range of topics and formats – you’re really able to show what you can do and our portfolios are easy to find.

In fact, as a new writer in second year, one of our editors blagged her way into a coffee with a sub-editor at The Guardian – and her Tab writers profile meant the sub-editor had already read her writing and gave her some really useful tailored advice.

7. You’ll be writing for a nationally recognised newspaper and our stories regularly get picked up by national newspapers

We know our website is looked at by writers and editors at national newspapers – and many of our original news stories get written up in them.

In the past six months alone, we’ve had stories picked up by: The Times, the Daily Mail, The Metro and The Scotsman/Edinburgh Evening News. In recent years, an Edi Tab story even made it into Der Speigel.

8. It looks amazing on your CV and is a unique way to get professional experience at uni

Alongside being a really fun thing to do, writing for The Tab is actually a really useful thing for you to do too, as it looks great on your CV.

If you’re thinking of a future career in journalism, becoming a writer for The Tab is unbeatable experience and the pinnacle of student journalism. Future employers are certain to know who The Tab are, and having a strong writer’s portfolio will really boost your application.

Even if you don’t want a future job in journalism, writing for The Tab gives you invaluable experience in working as part of a professional team for a nationally renowned media outlet. Ex-Tab writers have gone on to get jobs in areas as varied as law, teaching, and marketing/PR.

9. You’ll be joining a national team and be supported in your writing by proper journalists

Even though we’re The Edinburgh Tab, we still have very a very close relationship to The Tab’s national team. The national team are run by actual journalists who have recently graduated, and are always here to offer advice and help on any pieces you are working on.

This is another invaluable opportunity to get personal, one-on-one advice from real journalists who are here to support you in becoming the best writer possible.

Many of the national writers started their careers by writing for their uni Tab teams, so they’ve been in your exact shoes and can therefore offer the best help.

10. It’s an opportunity to meet some fun and interesting people

Not only will you get to work and socialise with a great team of writers, but you’ll also get to meet and interact with the coolest and most interesting people on campus.

In the past, we’ve interviewed Edinburgh YouTuber Nayna Florence, Great British Sewing Bee winner Serena Baker, and viral TikToker Ben Park to name a few.

Apart from interviews, we also write a lot of features which involve directly talking to Edi students, including our very own dating series where we personally get to match up couples for a blind date.

11. We have regular meetings and our socials are legendary

Writing for The Tab doesn’t mean sitting alone with your laptop 24/7. We’re actually a really fun team of students who will soon become some of your closest friends in Edinburgh if you choose to join us.

We have weekly pitch meetings, which give you a chance to share any article ideas you have, as well as providing time to catch up with your fellow witers. We also throw regular socials such as club and quiz nights, which are just the best time ever.

Our open meeting is open to anyone interested in writing for The Tab so be sure to pop along – you don’t need any experience or ideas! The link to the Facebook event is here and we hope to see lots of you on Wednesday at 4pm at Greenmantle. 

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