Edinburgh PhD student ‘racially abuses’ Muslim woman on Facebook

He refused to sell her a basket saying it was ‘only for Jews, Brits, and Europeans’

TW: Racism

An Edinburgh PhD student is alleged to have racially abused a Muslim woman 0n Facebook after refusing to sell her a basket on the grounds of her race and religion

Shazia Amjed claims Bogdan Nita (a PhD student in the Department for Languages, Literature, and Culture) told her a basket she wanted to buy from him on Facebook Marketplace was “only for Jews, Brits, and Europeans.”

She claims he then called her “a fucking rat” and said she was “a Muslim refugee and nothing else,” after seeing a Palestinian flag frame in her profile picture.

Now she wants him kicked out of Edinburgh Uni. “You can’t be Islamophobic and racist and be a faculty member at a prestigious university.” Ahmed told The Edinburgh Tab.

It all started when Amjed was searching on Facebook Marketplace for a basket she needed for an upcoming DIY project. She saw that Nita was selling a basket, so got in  touch over messenger. “When I messaged him, he made Islamophobic and racist remarks implying I can’t buy it. He ended up blocking me and I was more shocked and angry than hurt.”

In screenshots, Amjed asks the seller, named “Theodor,” if the item is still available, and questions what size it is. The seller then appears to tell her: “yes, unfortunately for Jews, Brits, and Europeans” – followed by a smiley face emoji.

Amjed then asks: “So your only selling to jews, Europeans or brits?”. To which “Theodor” replies, “only the basket [emoji]. It’s kosher”.

Again, Amjed asks, “I’m sorry, I’m not understanding. What do you mean jews, Europeans or Brits? Are only people of Jewish religion or European or British Ethnicity allowed to purchase?”.

The seller then says: “‘I’m sorry I’m not understanding’- no clue what you want to communicate. Though I think I was clear. The basket is kosher and has been baptised. It’s forbidden, especially to those who promote the flag of a terrorist organisation.”

Amjed alleges this refers to the Palestinian flag in her Facebook profile picture. She asked: “Are you assuming I’m not British due to my appearance? Are you also calling me a terrorist due to my heritage.”

‘Theodor’ replies: “Enough!! Go dig someone else’s rubbish”. To this, Amjed replies: “I am British FYI” and “going to make sure you famous on social media”.

Finally, the seller concludes: “Sure! As if a paper proves the values! You’re a Muslim refugee and nothing else! Fucking Rat!!”

After the incident, Amjed told The Edinburgh Tab: “I did some digging and realised that he’s a faculty member at the Edinburgh University.

“Keyboard warriors really irritate me and should be held accountable for their actions. You can’t be Islamophobic and racist and be a faculty member at a prestigious university.”

Amjed added that she would like to see Nita sacked over his alleged comments, saying: “Not only does it go against the uni’s code of conduct but it is hate speech and against the law.

“I want the uni to sack him and do an investigation to ensure he has not been biased whilst at the University. There is no place for hate in this world its just wrong.”

A spokesperson for The University of Edinburgh said: “The University is committed to promoting a positive culture which celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness.

“Our Code of Student Conduct sets out clear expectations of behaviour. The University regards any incident of discrimination as a serious matter; we investigate any formal complaints thoroughly, and where appropriate take disciplinary action.

“The case in question is ongoing therefore we cannot comment specifically upon this case.”

Bogdan Nita did not respond to our request for comment.

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