These are the best daytime tv shows to binge during Lockdown 3

We’ve all finished Netflix, now what?

Lockdown 1 was a breeze. Maybe you had exams, Tiger King was out, there were things to do. This third time around, it’s different. Now that we’ve watched every Netflix show we are even vaguely interested in, what now?

The obvious solution is to get heavily into daytime tv, as I have done since day one of the first lockdown. Sure, you could read a book, exercise or work on your diss, but if ever there was a time to watch utter trash, this is it.

Now, I’m not talking about all daytime TV. If I’ve learned anything from the first two lockdowns it’s that not all daytime TV is created equal. There is a fine art to what makes a great show, and I like to consider myself a bit of a connoisseur at this point so I’m here to humbly share my wisdom. These are the best daytime tv shows to binge.

Wanted Down Under

In this superior property show, a family are shown properties both in the UK and in their dream country of Australia, and they have to decide whether to move or not. A highlight for me is when they’re leaning towards moving and then given a rundown of average grocery prices down under. This always provides some drama: five Australian Dollars for bread! Oh, but we could save on heating Sandra!

The tension reaches an all-time high when the family members must flip their cards over to reveal their choice. They spin the cards around and around, bringing us all to the edge of our seats, then the dad enthusiastically yells AUSTRALIA, and the rest of the family shouts UNDECIDED. *chef’s kiss*


Homes under the Hammer

If you don’t know the jingle to this, I honestly feel sorry for you. This is an absolute classic. We follow some people, usually a couple of lads, who buy a run-down property at auction (often without seeing it) and attempt to flip it and sell it. They usually run into extra costs because it’s riddled with asbestos or some sort of mould.

They then proceed to give it the old grey everything treatment, removing every hint of character whilst making it habitable. My favourite part of the show is when the local estate agents come to give an estimate before and after the renovation. This is entertaining because they have to fake inspect each room for the camera which always ends up looking lovely and awkward, which I believe is the true essence of daytime TV.


Dress to Impress

This is a newcomer, certainly not as as well established as the previous shows, but it’s definitely worth a mention. In this beautiful creation, one lucky person describes themselves and their style via video to three strangers that they can’t see. The three potential suitors must try to win a date by picking the best outfit with the information given. They go through two rounds of this. In the second round, the person must pick their favourite outfit and  wear it on their date not knowing who picked it. They arrive at the date venue where they meet the two finalists and have to go on the date with the person who picked their outfit.

It gets truly saucy when they regret their decision as soon as they realise they’ve chosen the ugly boy’s outfit. The show ends with a card flip of whether they want to go on another date or not. The card flip is, as always, a great source of awkwardness, letting one of the parties embarrass themselves by saying yes to another date. It doesn’t get any better, folks.


This Morning

This is a tricky one because the content really varies. This Morning has given us some truly amazing moments, such as ghost pirate husbands, haunted doll attacks and the 83 year-old sex-blogger. However, you can’t just tune in any day and expect this level of entertainment. Sometimes there are just some semi-useful lockdown tips or interviews with people who were on I’m a Celeb. My suggestion is to go on YouTube and watch the most outrageous clips as a first port of call, and if you run out of those you can try a full episode. But let’s hope lockdown doesn’t last that long.

5/10 on an average day
11/10 on a good day

Four in a Bed

Last but certainly not least is a true delicacy. Four in a Bed has it all: the bitchiness, the weirdos, the judgement. It’s pure daytime tv gold. It’s four half hour episodes in a row where four sets of B&B owners stay at and judge each other’s places. They’re told how much their room costs, but they get to pay however much they think it’s worth. The winner is the B&B who has the highest percentage of their bill paid.

As in all good competitive shows, there is usually a villain, a couple who search ever crack behind every shelf to find a speck of dust, or god forbid a hair, so that they can mark them down on cleanliness. One of my favourite moments was when someone complained that their eggs weren’t overcooked because they actually prefer their eggs to be overcooked. The last episode where the payments are counted is a guaranteed adrenaline rush, as the inevitable underpayments are met with staunch retaliation and the occasional storming out. This really is a whirlwind of emotions and in my expert opinion, the epitome of daytime TV.


Now go forth and waste your time in the right way!

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