Edi accommodation forces students to present doctors note to leave halls during pandemic

Students cannot end their tenancy early without it

Unite Students have told Edinburgh students they will require a doctors note to move out of their halls early.

Current coronavirus restrictions allow students to terminate their lease with 28 days’ notice, but Unite Students have reportedly ignored such legislation.

A student staying in Glasgow’s Unite accommodation received a letter saying: “If your university are only saying that your teaching being fully online is a likelihood but not set in stone then we cannot accept that you are no longer needed in Glasgow and therefore no longer needing to fulfil your contractual tenancy.

“If, due to your medical history, you are at an extra risk due to the pandemic then a note from your doctor will suffice in allowing us to release you from the contract.”

“It’s outrageous”, the student said. “The last thing I’m going to do during this time is burden my doctor for a note to allow me to quit my student flat.

“I’ve given them 28 days’ notice so don’t think I should have to do anything more.”

A business studies undergraduate from Cologne, Germany, said Unite Students was blocking his attempts to cancel his agreement. He said he had already paid more than £2,400 in rent despite not living in Scotland due to the pandemic.

Matt Crilly, National Union of Students Scotland’s president, said: “It’s a real concern that many students have been unable to end their tenancy as they have a legal right to leave their accommodation, which all landlords have a duty to uphold.”

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