Scotland to enter stay at home orders and a March-like lockdown

This will be in effect from midnight tonight

Nicola Sturgeon has announced a strict stay at home order for the whole of Scotland as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise.

This restriction will take effect tonight at midnight and be in place for at least the remainder of January.

The orders tell people to stay in their own homes unless for essential activities such as food shopping, exercise, or for key workers.

Anyone who can work from home is being told to, and schools will not be opening for the remainder of the month.

Travel into and out of Scotland is still illegal except in essential cases.

It is still unclear how these new laws will apply to university students, and the government will be considering if further change is necessary.

This is a period that will look much closer to the situation of March 2020.

More information can be found on the restrictions can be found here.

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