Edi students staying in uni halls will not have to pay January rent

This is valid from 11th January to their arrival date in Edi

Students living in university accommodation will be relieved of the portion of their rent payment that covers the gap between the semester opening on 11th January and the date of their return.

The University is anticipating the post-Christmas return of students and has decided on making concessions for rent to reflect the staggered influx of students into the Edinburgh.

VP Colm Harmon outlined these announcements in an email sent to students this week:

“Undergraduate students in university-managed accommodation will not be charged rent in the period from 11th January to their actual arrival date or the date of their phased return (whichever is earlier). For those returning and/or remaining on campus, rent will be charged in the usual way.

“Students in privately managed University accommodation (such as Unite) or other private arrangements will need to contact their accommodation provider or landlord. ”

However, students have expressed their concerns about these arrangements and the fact that the rent-free concessions made for University accomodation residents are not extended to those living in private accommodation.

Students will also be offered free lateral flow Covid-19 testing, similar to that being offered ahead of the winter break, upon their return to Edinburgh.

More information in the email sent to students detailed how semester two would look like. “Undergraduate students are being asked to return physically to campus in phases beginning on 11th January.

“Depending on your degree programme, these phases are in the weeks beginning 11th January, 25th January, 1st February or 8th February. Due to this staggering of your return to University, all teaching in the period between 11th January and your cohort’s scheduled return to campus will be delivered fully online.

“Once your cohort returns to the University, your teaching will switch back to the hybrid mode (i.e. the mix of on-campus and online learning planned for your programme, like Semester 1).”

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