Feeling spooky? Here’s everything you can still do in Edi this Halloween

Boo Felicia

Pumpkins, bats, trick or treaters, apple bobbing, the lot. Halloween is a wild time of year, and boy has it crept up on us in 2020. No one could have expected this year to be quite so spooky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy Halloween this year.

Let me show you everything you can still do to have a wild time this spooky season, and make the most of the 31st.

Head to a pumpkin patch

This is the perfect Covid friendly activity to do this Halloween. It’s outdoorsy, it’s autumn-y and it’s the best way to fully get in the spooky spirit. Pick a pumpkin, grab an insta and take it home to carve. What could be better?

Such wholesome vibes

Dress up regardless

Nobody says you can’t have fun in your costume this year. If anything, it’s even more incentive to dress up because you can spend hours and hours perfectly mastering that James Charles make-up tutorial. Nobody is stopping you having a Zoom call with all your pals and a competition to see who mastered the skeleton make up best.

Nothing scarier than a sad clown and a spider

Create a flat haunted house

Now this is fun. Why not turn each individual room in your flat into part of a haunted house? One room for ghost stories, one room for apple bobbing, one with a horror film on? The opportunities are endless to create a creepy atmosphere throughout the whole thing. Watch the film whilst you binge on sweets and scare your flatmate when she comes around the corner. Squad ghouls.

Carve a pumpkin

Now this is some wholesome stuff. You’ve just been to the patch to pick it and now you’re home to carve. Hang on to the excess seeds and pulp to blend together into a pumpkin soup and then carve away to your heart’s delight. Go for the standard scary face, or perhaps something even scarier. Like Donald Trump.

Trump as a pumpkin, inspired

Eat some Halloween treats

Now let me tell you, the treats are in abundance this year. Whether it’s making soup from the pumpkin you just picked and carved, or a pumpkin spiced latte, this is the certain to get you into the spirit of things.

Considerit donuts springs to mind as being the most extra this Halloween. Just look at that Oreo spider. Get straight down there and into the queue for some of this witchy treats. Straight in my basket!

@considerit_chocolate via Instagram

Go on a haunted tour around Edi

Edinburgh is a city full of stories, and EUSA are giving you the opportunity to sign yourself up to a FREE self guided ghost tour. Who wouldn’t want such a delight?

You can venture into historic sites famous for spine-chilling atmosphere and tales, via the EUSA website here. A perfect outdoor treat for you and your flatmates, and a fun way to spend your evenings without having to sit in your flat – sign me up!

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