Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s ECFS

The theme for 2021 is distortion

The Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show is back and better than ever. We caught up with the chair-women of the fashion show this year, Ella Wheeler and Vanessa Lee, to give us all the backstage goss on this year’s show.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it before, could you give us some background on the ECFS?

The ECFS is a student run event that raises thousands of pounds for chosen charities every year. We showcase an innovative and collaborative project of artistic talent from a range of designers and performers and host exciting fundraising events throughout the year.

Last year, ECFS was able to fundraise a phenomenal £13,000 for ‘Macmillan’ and ‘It’s Good 2 Give.’ Despite the curveballs thrown at the world in recent months, the ECFS committee is dedicated to making the upcoming 2021 show as successful and memorable as possible.

What are your chosen charities this year? 

This year we have partnered with two amazing charities: Centrepoint and Show Racism The Red Card.

Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, supporting over 14,000 young people every year with a determination to end youth homelessness. They also offer programmes where young people can learn about housing, health and learn life skills.

Show Racism The Red Card aims to tackle racism by utilising the power and influence of football, and prominent players in order to raise awareness and spread an anti-racism message. They also produce educational resources and activities which are designed to challenge misconceptions and stereotypes in society.

What made you choose them?

We chose Show Racism The Red Card  because as a community we would like to raise awareness of anti-discriminatory messages. As part of this partnership we will also be working with model Eunice Olumide to further explore racism within the fashion industry.

We chose Centrepoint to raise awareness about youth homelessness, an issue rife in the city of Edinburgh. We would like to use our platform to support youth who are in need of housing, education and health support.

Could you tell us some more about this year’s theme?

This year’s theme is distortion! Distortion is our reflection on the surreal social climate that we have found ourselves living in. We plan to explore aspects of the past year that have ‘distorted’ the boundaries and our perspective of what we once thought defined our status quo.

We also hope to remind people of the beauty and hope that still remains of this distortion, opening up the possibility to redefine these boundaries in new and better ways.

How is the theme reflected in the show this year? 

We plan to incorporate the theme in every aspect of the show this year: through the events, editorial shoot, designers and so much more. Throughout the year we will also be releasing thematic stages on our socials that symbolise the story that we’ve been through over this year, the first being ‘Emergence.’

We will also continue our message of social awareness in fashion through our ‘spotlight series’ which will highlight different youth owned small businesses every week.

This year’s chair co-women, Vanessa and Ella

Will you be hosting any events prior to the fashion show?

This year we have some really exciting events going ahead, both virtual or socially distanced.

On Wednesday 21st we have a great online life drawing event, the perfect chance to grab some wine and find your artistic flair.

We also have plans for a Christmas raffle and online bingo event, with the chance to win some exciting prizes from some of your favourite brands.

Finally, any fashion trends from the past that you hope never come back?

Ella, Co-Chair: ‘Are skinny jeans a trend of the past yet? I hope they stay that way!’

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