Go food shopping and we’ll tell you your student vibe

It’s time to find out what your eating habits say about you

I moved to halls with a student recipe book and a dream. I wanted to be master of the sieve, saucepan and spatula. I would be the ultimate student chef, balancing uni and a social life with gourmet meals.

I didn’t open that recipe book all year. Keep dreaming, 18-year-old me.

Some people come to uni having cooked for years. They’re ready to look after themselves and the rest of their flat. Some don’t know their onions from their avocados but are ready to learn. Others would rather just stick to ready meals.

But what do the contents of your trolley say about the content of your character? Are you the flat mum, ready with a biscuit and a cup of tea? Or are you the flat mess, leaving dirty dishes everywhere and eating out of a can?

Take this quiz to find out.

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