New restrictions come in today but here are all the things you can still do in Edinburgh

Nicola can never take away our Zoom quizzes

With new restrictions coming into place in Scotland and Edinburgh yet again, it can be hard to keep up. We’re not quite in a lockdown, but it sure feels like it. It can be especially difficult as students to know where we stand in terms of the law.

Are we allowed to see other households? Can I meet up with a friend for coffee? Are we still banned from restaurants?

Pubs and restaurants have to close along with other restrictions taking effect today, Friday October 9th, from 6 pm. But, there are still things that you can do in Edinburgh. We’re not confined to our homes just yet. There’s more you can still do than you might think.

Food and hospitality

Tinnies on the Meadows season is officially back

You can still order food. Pubs and restaurants in Edinburgh have to close for sit-in, but there’s nothing stopping them from offering takeaway. And before you reach for Deliveroo, some restaurants actually offer discounts for ordering directly from them. Support local businesses!

Cafés and unlicensed premises will still be open from 6 am to 6 pm. There’s nothing that says you can’t order a coffee and pretend to work. Just wear a mask while you’re doing it.

The new guidelines don’t say anything about other kinds of retail such as bookstores or hairdressers. So, you can still have a shop or get your hair done.

At the end of the day, you can always buy alcohol from the shops and bring it home to drink. And really, that may be the way forward for a while.


At-home yoga is coming back

Group classes at gyms have to stop, but you can still have one-on-one classes or personal training sessions.

You can also still use the gym by yourself. Who wants to be social at the gym anyway?

You can still exercise outdoors as much as you want. Remember when we could legally only go on one walk a day? Me either.


Get your walking shoes on

You can still meet other people outdoors. This is provided social distancing guidelines are observed, and there are a maximum of six people and two households. So, you can’t exactly throw a party, but you can still get coffee or go on a walk with a friend.

Life events can still take place with up to 20 people. If you really want to get together with your friends, just marry one of them.

Finally, there is one last thing that we’ll always be able to do. The activity that everyone loves to hate. The social event that makes or breaks extended families. The gathering that Nicola can never take away from us.

The Zoom pub quiz.

For more up to date information, visit the Scottish government website

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