These are the 7 red flags to look out for on an Edi boy’s Tinder profile

Pics of their mullet is just a big no

If you’re single, chances are you’ve downloaded Tinder at some point in your life. Chances are you’ve met some boys on there that may as well have the words “red flag” written right there in their bio and the word “fuckboy” written on their forehead.

It’s time to save yourself from the possibility of getting the opener ‘still happy to eat out to help out xx’ and find that special someone in time for cuffing season.

So, to save you some time, here are seven of the biggest red flags you should be looking out for when you’re wading through the Edi boy population on Tinder.

1. A bio with the degree Economics/Business 

Don’t get me wrong, some Econ boys are lovely. But you’ll know if you’ve encountered the red flag kind when they start mansplaining economics to you.

If you really want some fun just tell them that the simple solution is for the government to print more money and not tell the banks and you’ll feel their desperation to mansplain inflation to you through your screen. Or guess that the Wolf of Wall Street is their favourite film and they’ll think you’re psychic. 

2. Pics of their DJ decks

We all hate a wannabe DJ. He makes DnB remixes when he procrastinates but he calls himself a pro. And if you ever meet him in person, he’ll probably make you listen to one of his latest tracks. Chances are it’s a remix of a Mungo’s Hi Fi song. Smile and nod and it’ll be all over soon. 

3. Club pictures with VKs

It just radiates red flag energy, I don’t know why. Especially if they’re holding two bottles in one hand. And if the ones they’re holding are different flavours.

4. Action shots of them playing sport 

With flared nostrils and red faces, you can feel the testosterone in your fingertips as you swipe. Apparently, the most masculine thing you can do is show girls just how masculine you really are.

A picture them throwing a ball sideways in rugby kit is a personal favourite.

5. Model shots of their mullet

Long and luscious… it’s their pride and joy. Their baby. The only thing they talk about. They’ll never love you as much as they love their mullet, so don’t even try. 


6. When they have to correct their age in their bio because they didn’t do it right when they set up their profile

Despite going to a Russel Group uni, it seems he’s too dumb to know how to put in his age. Or he has something to hide. You don’t need the lack of brain cells or secrecy in your life.

7. Pictures of them shooting in a Barbour

Probably freshly snapped from their stately home in Scotland during lockdown with a signet ring glinting in the light, they’re not the kind of guy you want to shoot your shot with, if you pardon the pun.

Photography credits: James Gourley 

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